Psalms 16

A Precious Psalm of David.

Preserve me, O GOD, for I have sought refuge in thee. Thou hast said unto Yahweh, My Lord, art thou! My goodness, mounteth not unto thee. It belongeth unto the holy ones, whom, in his own land, Yahweh, ennobleth, In whom is all his delight They multiply their idols—another, have they purchased! I will not pour out their drink-offerings of blood, nor will I take up their names on my lips. Yahweh, is mine allotted portion and my cup, Thou, art maintaining my lot. The lines, have fallen unto me, in pleasant places, Verily an inheritance that delighteth me. I will bless Yahweh, who hath counselled me,—Surely, by night, shall mine impulses admonish me.

I have set Yahweh before me continually, because he is on my right hand, I shall not be shaken! Therefore, hath my heart rejoiced, and mine honour exulted, Yea, my flesh, shall settle down securely; 10 For thou wilt not abandon my soul to hades, neither wilt thou suffer thy man of lovingkindness, to see corruption: 11 Thou wilt cause me to know, the path of life,—Fulness of joys before thee, Pleasures at thy right hand evermore.

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