Psalms 20

To the Chief Musician. A Melody of David.

Yahweh answer thee, in the day of distress, The Name of the God of Jacob give thee safety; Send thy help out of the sanctuary, and, out of Zion, sustain thee; Remember every present of thine, and, thine ascending-sacrifice, esteem. [Selah.] Give thee according to thy heart, and, all thy purposes, fulfil. We will shout aloud in thy salvation, and, in the Name of our God, shall we become great, Yahweh fulfil all thy petitions.

Now, do I know that Yahweh, hath saved, his Anointed One,—He answereth him out of his holy heavens, by the mighty saving deeds of his own right hand. These, by chariots, and, those, by horses, but, we, by the Name of Yahweh our God, will prevail. They, have bowed down and fallen, but, we, have arisen, and stand upright. Yahweh, hath saved the king. Answer us, then, on the day when we call.

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