Psalms 21

To the Chief Musician. A Melody of David.

O Yahweh, in thy strength, will the king rejoice, and, in thy salvation, how greatly will he exult! The longing of his heart, hast thou given him, and, the request of his lips, hast thou not withheld. [Selah.] For thou wilt come to meet him, with the blessings of goodness, Thou wilt set on his head, a crown of pure gold. Life, he asked of thee, Thou hast given it him, length of days, to times age-abiding and beyond. Great is his glory, in thy salvation, Honour and majesty, wilt thou lay upon him; For thou wilt appoint him blessings evermore, wilt cheer him with joy by thy countenance;

For, the king, is trusting in Yahweh, and, in the lovingkindness of the Highest, shall he not be shaken. Thy hand, will find out, all thy foes, Thine own right hand, will find out them who hate thee. Thou wilt make them like a furnace of fire, at the time of thy presence,—Yahweh, in his anger, will swallow them up, and there shall consume them a fire: 10 Their fruit—out of the earth, wilt thou destroy, and their seed, from among the sons of men; 11 For they have held out, against thee, a wicked thing, They have devised a scheme they cannot accomplish. 12 For thou wilt cause them to turn their back, Upon thy bow-strings, wilt thou make ready against their face. 13 Be exalted, O Yahweh, in thy strength! With song and with string will we sound forth thy power.

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