Psalms 3

A Melody of David, when he fled from before Absolom his son.

Yahweh! how have mine adversaries multiplied, Multitudes, are rising against me; Multitudes, are saying of my soul,—No salvation for him in God. [Selah.] But, thou, Yahweh, art a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter up of my head.

With my voice—unto Yahweh, do I cry, and he hath answered me out of his holy mountain. [Selah.] I, laid me down and slept,—I awoke, Surely, Yahweh, sustaineth me! I will not be afraid of myriads of people, who, round about, have set themselves against me. Rise! Yahweh, Save me, my God. Surely thou hast smitten all my foes on the cheekbone, The teeth of the lawless, hast thou broken. To Yahweh, belongeth Salvation! Upon thy people, be thy blessing. [Selah.]

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