Psalms 60

To the Chief Musician. Upon "The Lily of Testimony." A precious Psalm of David, to instruct. When he waged war with Aram-neharaim, and with Aram-zobah,—and then Joab returned and smote of Edom in the Valley of Salt, twelve thousand.

O God, thou hast rejected us—hast scattered us, Thou hast been angry, Wilt thou restore us? Thou hast shaken the land—hast rent it, Heal thou the fractures thereof—for it hath tottered: Thou hast suffered thy people to see hardship, Thou hast let them drink the wine of confusion. Thou hadst given—to them that revere thee—a banner, to float aloft, Because of [thy] faithfulness. [Selah.] That thy beloved ones may be delivered, Save thou with thine own right hand—and answer us.

God, hath spoken in his holiness—I will exult! I will apportion Shechem, And, the Vale of Succoth, will I measure out; Mine, is Gilead—and mine, Manasseh, But, Ephraim, is the defence, of my head, Judah, is my commander’s staff; Moab, is my wash-bowl, Upon Edom, will I throw my shoe, Over Philistia! raise shout of triumph. Who will conduct me to fortified city? Who will lead me as far as Edom! 10 Is it not, thou, O God?—thou hast rejected us! And wilt thou not go forth, O God, with our hosts? 11 Grant us help out of distress, For, vain, is the deliverance of man: 12 In God, we shall do valiantly, He himself, therefore, will tread down our adversaries.

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