Psalms 77

To the Chief Musician. On "Jeduthun." Asaph’s, a Melody.

With my voice—unto God, will I make outcry, With my voice unto God, and he will give ear unto me; In the day of my distress—unto My Lord, will I seek, My hand, by night, hath been outstretched and never once became slack, My soul, hath refused to be consoled; I remember God and I murmur, I muse, and my spirit swooneth. [Selah.] Thou hast held, watching, mine eyes, I was driven to and fro, and could not speak; I reasoned, Of the days of aforetime, Of the years of by-gone ages; I remember my song in the night,—With my own heart, I commune, And my spirit, maketh search:— For ages, will My Lord reject? And, not again, grant acceptance any more? Hath his lovingkindness, come to a perpetual end? Hath his word failed to generation after generation? Hath GOD, forgotten to show favour? Or hath he shut up, in anger, his compassions? [Selah.] 10 Then said I—An affliction to me, it is, The changing of the right hand of the Most High.

11 I will remember the doings of Yah, Surely I will remember, out of aforetime, thy wonderful way; 12 And will talk to myself of all thy work, And, of thy doings, will I muse:— 13 O God, in the sanctuary, is thy way,—Who is a great GOD like Elohim? 14 Thou, art GOD, doing wonderfully,—Thou hast made known, among the peoples, thy might; 15 Thou didst redeem, with thine arm—Thy people, Thy sons of Jacob and Joseph. [Selah.] 16 The waters saw thee, O God, The waters saw thee, They were in birth-throes, Yea the resounding deeps were stirred; 17 The clouds, poured down waters, The skies uttered, a voice, Yea, thine arrows, flew hither and thither; 18 The, voice of thy thunder, was in the whirlwind, Thy lightnings illumined the world, The earth, trembled and quaked; 19 In the sea, was thy way, And, thy path, in the mighty waters, And, thy footprints, could not be known: 20 Thou didst lead, like a flock, thy people, By the hand of Moses and Aaron.

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