Song of Solomon 8

Oh that thou hadst been a very brother to me, who had sucked the breasts of my own mother,—Had I found thee without, I had kissed thee, Yea, folk would not have despised me! I would have guided thee—brought thee into the house of my mother, Thou wouldst have instructed me,—I would have let thee drink of spiced wine, of the pressed-out juice of my pomegranate. His left hand under my head, then, his right hand, embraceth me. I [HE] adjure you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem,—Why will ye wake, and why will ye arouse the dear love until she please! [****]

[THEY] Who is this, coming up out of the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? [HE] Under the apple-tree, I roused thee, where thy mother, was in pain with thee, where she was in pain who gave thee birth! [SHE] Set me as a seal, upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm, For, mighty as death, is love, Exacting as hades, is jealousy,—The flames thereof, are flames of fire, The flash of Yah! Many waters, cannot quench love, nor shall, floods, overwhelm it,—If a man would give all the substance of his house, for love, they would, utterly despise, him. [****]

[THEY] A sister, have we, a little one, and, breasts, hath she none, What shall we do for our sister, in the day when she may be spoken for? If, a wall, she is, we will build upon it a battlement of silver,—but if, a door, she is, we will close it up with a plank of cedar. 10 [SHE] I, was a wall, and, my breasts, like towers,—Then, became I, in his eyes, one who did indeed find good content. 11 A vineyard, had Solomon, as the owner of abundance, He put out the vineyard to keepers,—Every man, was to bring in, for the fruit thereof, a thousand silverlings: 12 Mine own vineyard, is before me,—The thousand belong to thee, O Solomon, and two hundred to the keepers of the fruit thereof.

13 [HE] O thou fair dweller in the gardens, the companions are giving heed to thy voice, Let me hear it. 14 [SHE] Come quickly, my beloved, and resemble thou a gazelle, or a young stag, upon the mountains of balsam-trees.

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