Acts 28


the market of Appius.

a soldier

the soldier that guarded him. Acts 24:23; 27:3.


(See Scofield "Romans 1:16") .

his own hired house

It has been much disputed whether Paul endured two Roman imprisonments, from A.D. 62 to 68 or one. The tradition from Clement to Eusebius favours two imprisonments with a year of liberty between. Erdman (W.J.) has pointed out the leaving of Trophimus sick at Miletus, mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:20 could not have been an occurrence of Paul's last journey to Jerusalem, for then Trophimus was not left ; Acts 20:4; 21:29 nor of the journey to Rome to appear before Caesar, for then he did not touch at Miletus. To make this incident possible there must have been a release from the first imprisonment, and an interval of ministry and travel.
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