Ecclesiastes 9

there is no work

Verse 10 is no more a divine revelation concerning the state of the dead than any other conclusion of "the Preacher" Ecclesiastes 1:1 is such a revelation. Reasoning from the standpoint of man "under the sun" the natural man can see no difference between a dead man and a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4. A living dog is better than either. No one would quote verse 2 as a divine revelation. These reasonings of man apart from divine revelation are set down by inspiration just as the words of Satan ; Genesis 3:4; Job 2:4,5 are so set down. But that life and consciousness continue between death and resurrection is directly affirmed in Scripture. ; Isaiah 14:9-11; Matthew 22:32; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 16:19-31; John 11:26; 2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Philippians 1:21-23; Revelation 6:9-11.

grave Heb. "Sheol," (See Scofield "Habakkuk 2:5") .

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