Ezekiel 8

sixth month

i.e. September.


Visions, that is, of former profanations of the temple, and of the wickedness because of which Israel was then in Babylon, show the prophet that he might justify to the new generation born in Assyria and Babylonia during the captivity, the righteousness of God in the present national chastening. The visions are retrospective; Israel had done these things, hence the captivities. This strain continues to Ezekiel 33:20. It is the divine view of the national sinfulness and apostasy, revealed to Ezekiel in a series of visions so vivid that though the prophet was by the river Chebar, ; Ezekiel 1:1,3; 3:23; 10:15,20,22; 43:3 It was as if he were transported back to Jerusalem, and to the time when these things were occurring. These visions of the sinfulness of Israel are interspersed with promises of restoration and blessing which are yet to be fulfilled. See "Israel" ; Genesis 12:2,3; Romans 11:26. Also "Kingdom, (O.T.)" ; Genesis 1:26-28; Zechariah 12:8.

Son of man

The combined purport of the four visions of profanation in chapter 8., is idolatry set up in the entire temple, even in the holy of holies Ezekiel 8:10,11 women given over to phallic cults Ezekiel 8:14 and nature-worship Exodus 8:16.


i.e. the Greek Adonis.

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