Genesis 44

But Benjamin's mess

Cf. (See Scofield "Genesis 35:18") . It is important to observe that Benjamin now becomes prominent. Joseph is peculiarly the type of Christ in His first advent, rejection, death, resurrection, and present exaltation among the Gentiles, but unrecognized of Israel. As the greater Benjamin, "Son of sorrow," but also "Son of my right hand," He is to be revealed in power in the Kingdom Genesis 1:26-28. See Scofield "Zechariah 12:8". It is then, and not till then, that Israel is to be restored and converted. See Scofield "Deuteronomy 30:3". Typically Genesis 45:1,2 anticipates the revelation prophetically described, ; Ezekiel 20:33-36; Hosea 2:14-23 at which time the Benjamin type of Christ will be fulfilled.

grave Heb. Sheol, (See Scofield "Habakkuk 2:5") .

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