Isaiah 9

not Omit, not. Isaiah complains that despite the wickedness of the northern kingdom her afflictions are light, her prosperity great.

throne of David

The "throne of David" is a phrase as definite, historic, historically, as "throne of the Caesars," and as little admits of "spiritualizing." Luke 1:32,33. See "Kingdom (O.T.). (See Scofield "Zechariah 12:8") . "Davidic Covenant," See Scofield "2 Samuel 7:16", Acts 15:14-16.

Jacob (See Scofield "Genesis 32:28") .

For all this his anger

See Isaiah 9:17,21; 5:25; 10:4

The context explains. Jehovah's hand is outstretched still because His chastisement is followed by no amendment on the part of Israel.

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