Jonah 2

great fish

No miracle of Scripture has called forth so much unbelief. The issue is not between the doubter and this ancient record, but between the doubter and the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 12:39,40. Science, "falsely so called" 1 Timothy 6:20 failing to take account of the fact that it deals only with the outward phenomena of a fallen race, and of an earth under a curse Genesis 3:17-19 is intolerant of miracles. To faith, and to true science, miracle is what might be expected of divine love, interposing God in a physically and morally disordered universe. Romans 8:19-23.


Four prepared things. Jonah 4:6,7,8


Heb. "Sheol," (See Scofield "Habakkuk 2:5")

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