Judges 17


The character and work of Samson are alike enigmatical. Announced by an angel Judges 13:1-21. He was a Nazarite ; Numbers 6:1-27; Judges 13:5 who constantly defiled his Nazarite separation through fleshly appetites. Called of God to judge Israel, and endued wonderfully with the Spirit, he wrought no abiding work for Israel, and perished in captivity to his enemies the Philistines. What was real in the man was his mighty faith in Jehovah in a time of doubt and apostasy, and this faith God honoured Hebrews 11:32.

Now know I

A striking illustration of all apostasy. With his entire departure from the revealed will of God concerning worship and priesthood, there is yet an exaltation of false priesthood. Saying, "Blessed be thou of Jehovah," Micah's mother makes an idol; and Micah expects the blessing of Jehovah because he has linked his idolatry to the ancient levitical order.

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