Mark 12


Israel. Isaiah 5:1-7. Israel was not fruitless, but brought forth only wild grapes. Cf. ; John 3:6; Hosea 10:1 contra, Hosea 14:8.

sent to

Mark 12:2-5. the prophets and John the Baptist.


Jesus Himself. Cf. Hebrews 1:1-3


Fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem, A.D. 70. Cf. Luke 21:20-24.

The stone

See, Psalms 118:22,23 cf. (See Scofield "1 Peter 2:8")


Jehovah. vs. Mark 10:10,11; Psalms 118:22,23


(See Scofield "Matthew 3:7") . Also, Mr12: 22,23

said unto them

See margin ref., (See Scofield "Matthew 22:29")

from the dead Lit. from amongst; cf., Philippians 3:11 Here it is the first resurrection. (See Scofield "1 Corinthians 15:52") .

angels (See Scofield "Hebrews 1:4") .

read in the book

Jesus affirms the historic truth and inspiration of Ex. 3.


i.e. not far in knowledge. He knew the very law which utterly condemns the best man -- its true office. Romans 3:19; 10:3-5; Galatians 3:10; Galatians 3:22-24.

son of

i.e. David's Son only. Cf. Romans 1:3,4

For David Inspiration. (Jesus affirms the inspiration and Davidic authorship of Psa 110) Matthew 12:36; Luke 1:3; Exodus 4:15; Revelation 22:19

The Lord Jehovah.

my Lord Adonai, Psalms 110:1.

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