Mark 13

And Jesus

Matthew 24:3 on the Olivet discourse: (See Scofield "Matthew 24:3") .


birthpangs. Answering to the "seals." (Rev. 6.) Revelation 6:1-17.

The death-agony of this age is the birth-agony of the next.


Cf. Matthew 24:14 "Gospel of the Kingdom:" See note, Revelation 14:6 (See Scofield "Revelation 14:6") .

end Not the end of the believer's life, but the end of the great tribulation.

saved In the sense of Revelation 13:8; 20:4

when ye See "Beast." Daniel 7:8; Revelation 19:20

then let Cf. Luke 21:20-24. which is a prophecy fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem, A.D. 70, when the Christians escaped, and which foreshadowed the more terrible day here described. See "Great Tribulation." ; Psalms 2:5; Revelation 7:14. (See Scofield "Psalms 2:5") See Scofield "Revelation 7:14".


tribulation. Cf. Matthew 24:21 See "Tribulation." ; Psalms 2:5; Revelation 7:14

Son of man

Christ (Second Advent). Luke 12:35-40; Deuteronomy 30:3; Acts 1:9-11 (See Scofield "Matthew 8:20")


(See Scofield "Hebrews 1:4")

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