Matthew 11


In prison, the King rejected, John's faith wavers; the Lord exhorts and encourages His servant. Cf. John 15:20; Isaiah 42:3.


Positionally greater, not morally. John the Baptist was as great morally, as any man "born of woman," but as to the kingdom he but announced it at hand. The kingdom did not then come, but was rejected, and John was martyred, and the King presently crucified. The least in the kingdom when it is set up in glory (see "Kingdom (N.T.)") Luke 1:31-33; 1 Corinthians 15:24 will be in the fullness of power and glory. It is not heaven which is in question, but Messiah's kingdom. (See Scofield "Matthew 3:2") . See Scofield "Matthew 6:33".

kingdom (See Scofield "Matthew 3:2")

suffereth violence

It has been much disputed whether the "violence" here is external, as against the kingdom in the persons of John the Baptist and Jesus; or that, considering the opposition of the scribes and Pharisees, only the violently resolute would press into it. Both things are true. The King and His herald suffered violence, and this is the primary and greater meaning, but also, some were resolutely becoming disciples. CF Luke 16:16.

this is Elias

(See Scofield "Matthew 17:10") . Also, Matthew 17:12; Malachi 4:5

devil demon.

(See Scofield "Matthew 7:22") .

Son of man (See Scofield "Matthew 8:20") .

sinners Sin. (See Scofield "Romans 3:23") .


The kingdom of heaven announced as "at hand" by John the Baptist, by the King Himself, and by the twelve, and attested by mighty works, has been morally rejected. The places chosen for the testing of the nation, Chorazin, Bethsaida, etc. having rejected both John and Jesus, the rejected King now speaks of judgment. The final official rejection is later. Matthew 27:31-37.

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(See Scofield "Luke 16:23") .

All things

Kingdom, (See Scofield "Matthew 12:3") .


The new message of Jesus. The rejected King now turns from the rejecting nation and offers, not the kingdom, but rest and service to such in the nation as are conscious of the need. It is a pivotal point in the ministry of Jesus.

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