Romans 9

creature Or, created thing.

For they are not all Israel

The distinction is between Israel after the flesh, the mere natural posterity of Abraham, and Israelites who, through faith, are also Abraham's spiritual children. Gentiles who believe are also of Abraham's spiritual seed; but here the apostle is not considering them, but only the two kinds of Israelites, the natural and the spiritual Israel. (Romans 4:1-3; Galatians 3:6,7; John 8:37-39.)

(See Scofield "Romans 11:1") .


Also Romans 9:8. (Greek - , child).

(See Scofield "Romans 8:16")

children (Greek - , sons).

(See Scofield "Ephesians 1:5")

God Hosea 1:10


(See Scofield "Romans 1:16") .


Adonai Jehovah. Isaiah 10:23.

Lord of

LORD of hosts. Isaiah 1:9.


(See Scofield "Romans 10:10") .


Scofield "Romans 10:3".

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