1 Corinthians 15

#1Co 15:5| CXXXVII. THIRD AND FOURTH APPEARANCES OF JESUS. (Sunday afternoon) #Mr 16:12,13 Lu 24:13-35 1Co 15:5| He was seen by Cephas. See TFG "#Lu 24:34|". CXXXIX. SIXTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. (Sunday, one week after the resurrection) #Joh 20:26-31 1Co 15:5| Then by the twelve. See #Joh 20:26|. #1Co 15:6| CXLI. EIGHTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. (A mountain in Galilee.) #Mt 28:16,17 1Co 15:6| Then he appeared to above five hundred brethren at once. See TFG "#Mt 28:16|" and see TFG "Mt 28:17". #1Co 15:7| CXLIII. NINTH AND TENTH APPEARANCES OF JESUS. (Jerusalem.) #Lu 24:44-49 Ac 1:3-8 1Co 15:7| Then he appeared to James. Of this appearance also we have no details. (TFG 764) #1Co 15:8| CXLV. OUR LORD APPEARS AFTER HIS ASCENSION. #1Co 15:8| And last of all, as to the child untimely born, he appeared to me also. Since Paul reckons this among the bodily appearances of our Lord, we have included it in our work; but it borders upon those spiritual appearances which belong rather to apostolic history and may be classed with the vision of Stephen (#Ac 7:55|) and John (#Re 1:9-17|), to which it was near kin. Accounts of the appearance will be found in #Ac 9:3-8 22:6-11 26:12-18|. (TFG 767)
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