Matthew 14

#Mt 14:1| LXII. HEROD ANTIPAS SUPPOSES JESUS TO BE JOHN. #Mt 14:1-12 Mr 6:14-29 Lu 9:7-9| Herod. See TFG "#Mr 6:14|". #Mt 14:2| He is risen from the dead; and therefore do these powers work in him. John had wrought no miracle while living (#Mt 10:41|), but there was a prevalent idea among the ancients that departed spirits were endowed with superhuman powers, and Herod therefore supposed that the risen John had brought these powers with him from the spirit world. (TFG 370) #Mt 14:3| For Herod had laid hold on John, and bound him, and put him in prison. Some thought that Elijah might have returned, as the Scripture declared, or that Jesus might be a prophet just like the great prophets of old. Matthew (#Mt 14:1,2|) by introducing what follows with the word "for," gives us the reason why Herod clung to this singular opinion of Jesus, He did so because this opinion was begotten in the morbid musings of a conscience stained with the blood of John. Herodias. See TFG "#Mr 6:17|". #Mt 14:4| It is not lawful for thee to have her. See TFG "#Mr 6:18|". #Mt 14:5| He feared the multitude. See TFG "#Mr 6:20|". #Mt 14:6| But when Herod's birthday came. See TFG "#Mr 6:21|". The daughter of Herodias danced in the midst. See TFG "#Mr 6:22|". #Mt 14:7| Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she should ask. See TFG "#Mr 6:23|". #Mt 14:8| And she, being put forward by her mother. See TFG "#Mr 6:24|". Give me here on a platter the head of John the Baptist. See TFG "#Mr 6:25|". #Mt 14:9| The king was grieved. See TFG "#Mr 6:26|". #Mt 14:11| And she brought it to her mother. See TFG "#Mr 6:28|". #Mt 14:12| And his disciples came, and took up the corpse, and buried him. See TFG "#Mr 6:29|". #Mt 14:13| LXIII. FIRST WITHDRAWAL FROM HEROD'S TERRITORY AND RETURN. (Spring, A.D. 29.) A. RETURN OF THE TWELVE AND RETIREMENT TO THE EAST SHORE OF GALILEE. #Mt 14:13 Mr 6:30-32 Lu 9:10 Joh 6:1| Now when Jesus heard it. Heard about John's death. The excitement caused by this event, and the efforts to use Jesus as a leader in revolt, see TFG "Mr 6:29", constituted another reason why Jesus should withdraw from the multitude. B. FEEDING THE FIVE THOUSAND. #Mt 14:13-21 Mr 6:33-44 Lu 9:11-17 Joh 6:2-14| And when the multitudes heard thereof, they followed him on foot from the cities. See TFG "#Mr 6:33|". (TFG 374) #Mt 14:15| And when even was come. See TFG "#Mr 6:35|". Send the multitudes away, that they may . . . buy themselves food. See TFG "#Mr 6:36|". #Mt 14:17| We have here but five loaves, and two fishes. See TFG "#Mr 6:38|". #Mt 14:19| And he commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. See TFG "#Mr 6:39|". And looking up to heaven, he blessed. See TFG "#Mr 6:41|". #Mt 14:20| And they took up that which remained. See TFG "#Joh 6:12|". #Mt 14:21| And they that did eat were about five thousand men. See TFG "#Mr 6:44|". #Mt 14:22| LXIII. FIRST WITHDRAWAL FROM HEROD'S TERRITORY AND RETURN. (Spring, A.D. 29.) C. THE TWELVE TRY TO ROW BACK. JESUS WALKS UPON THE WATER. #Mt 14:22-36 Mr 6:45-56 Joh 6:15-21| Till he should send the multitudes away. See TFG "#Mr 6:45|". #Mt 14:23| He went up into the mountain apart to pray. See TFG "#Mr 6:46|". #Mt 14:24| The boat was now in the midst of the sea. See TFG "#Mr 6:47|". For the wind was contrary. See TFG "#Mr 6:48|". #Mt 14:25| And in the fourth watch of the night he came unto them, walking upon the sea. See TFG "#Mr 6:48|". #Mt 14:26| They were troubled, . . . and they cried out for fear. See TFG "#Mr 6:49|". #Mt 14:27| Be of good cheer; it is I. See TFG "#Mr 6:50|". Be not afraid. See TFG "#Lu 1:30|". #Mt 14:28,29| And Peter answered him and said, etc. This scene comports with the character of Peter, who had always a rash willingness to go into danger, and a lack of steadfastness to hold out through it. (TFG 380-381) #Mt 14:30| But when he saw the wind, he was afraid. So long as the attention of Peter was fixed upon the Lord's command he succeeded in his venture; but so soon as he let the power of the tempest distract his thoughts, his faith failed and he began to sink. (TFG 381) #Mt 14:31| O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? Fear is a source of doubt and an enemy of faith. Those who would achieve the victories of faith must overcome their fears. (TFG 381) #Mt 14:34| Gennesaret. See TFG "#Mr 6:53|".
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