Matthew 24

#Mt 24:1| CXIII. DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM FORETOLD. #Mt 24:1-28 Mr 13:1-23 Lu 21:5-24| And Jesus went out from the temple, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:1|". #Mt 24:2| There shall not be left here one stone upon another. See TFG "#Mr 13:2|". #Mt 24:3| As he sat on the mount of Olives, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:3|". The disciples. Peter, James, John, and Andrew (#Mr 13:3|). Tell us, when shall these things be? etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:4|". #Mt 24:5| For many shall come in my name, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:6|". #Mt 24:6| Wars and rumors of wars, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:7|". #Mt 24:7| And there shall be . . . earthquakes in divers places. See TFG "#Mr 13:8|". #Mt 24:9| Then shall they deliver you up unto tribulation, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:9|". And ye shall be hated of all the nations for my name's sake. See TFG "#Mt 10:22|". #Mt 24:10| And then shall many stumble. Persecution always causes a deflection of the faint-hearted (see TFG "Mr 4:17"). And shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another. Apostates have ever been among the most bitter enemies of the church. (TFG 623) #Mt 24:11| And many false prophets shall arise, and shall lead many astray. See TFG "#Mr 13:22|". This refers to the false teachers which arose in the church. The apostles bear abundant testimony to their appearance (#2Co 11:13-15 Ga 2:1-4 1Ti 1:3-7,19,20 2Ti 3:8,9 Tit 1:10,11 2Pe 2:1-3| #Jude 1:4,8,10,12,16,19|). (TFG 623-624) #Mt 24:12| And because iniquity shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax cold. The prevalence of sin tempts and encourages the feeble to commit it. (TFG 624) #Mt 24:13| But he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved. See TFG "#Mt 10:22|" and see TFG "Mr 13:13". #Mt 24:14| This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world. See TFG "#Mr 13:10|". And then shall the end come. Jerusalem, the seat of the old dispensation, was not removed until the new dispensation was sown throughout the then known world. (TFG 624) #Mt 24:15| The abomination of desolation. #Da 4:11|. See TFG "#Mr 13:19|". (Let him that readeth understand). See TFG "#Mr 13:14|". #Mt 24:16| Then let them that are in Judaea flee unto the mountains. See TFG "#Mr 13:14|". #Mt 24:17| Let him that is on the housetop not come down, etc. See TFG "#Lu 17:31|". #Mt 24:19| Woe to them that are with child, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:17|". #Mt 24:20| And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. See TFG "#Mr 13:18|". Neither on a sabbath. Jewish tradition limited travel on the Sabbath day to a distance of seven furlongs. The early training of many Christians led them to have scruples about breaking the Sabbath. It is possible that Jesus had these scruples in view, but by no means conclusive, for in fleeing they would need the support and friendship of their Jewish brethren, who would be apt, not only to hinder, but even in those troublous and turbulent days, to show violence to any who openly disregarded the Sabbath. For it must be remembered that the Jews, not being guided by the admonitions of Christ, would regard the sudden flight of the Christians as unnecessarily hasty. (TFG 626) #Mt 24:21| For then shall be great tribulation, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:19|". #Mt 24:22| Except those days had been shortened, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:20|". #Mt 24:23| If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is the Christ, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:21|". #Mt 24:24| For there shall arise false Christs, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:22|". #Mt 24:27| For as the lightning, etc. The coming of Christ would be an event needing no herald; every man would see it for himself. See TFG "#Lu 17:24|". (TFG 629) #Mt 24:28| Wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. See TFG "#Lu 17:37|". #Mt 24:29| CXIV. THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. #Mt 24:29-51 Mr 13:24-37 Lu 21:25-37| Immediately after the tribulation of those days. Since the coming of Christ did not follow close upon the destruction of Jerusalem, the word "immediately" used by Matthew is somewhat puzzling. There are, however, three ways in which it may be explained: 1. That Jesus reckons the time after his own divine, and not after our human, fashion. Viewing the word in this light, the passage at #2Pe 3:4-9| may almost be regarded as an inspired comment with reference to this passage. 2. The terrible judgment upon Jerusalem and the corresponding terror of the judgment day have between them no intervening season of judgment in any way worthy to be compared to either of them. The two periods, therefore, stand with regard to each other in immediate connection. 3. The tribulation which came upon the Jewish people merely began with the destruction of Jerusalem, other woes followed at once, and, coming down through all the centuries of wandering and dispersion, they were yet unfulfilled and incomplete. See #De 28:58-68|. The sun shall be darkened, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:24|". (TFG 629) #Mt 24:30| Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven. The coming and the sign are the same thing. The word "sign" is used in connection with the coming of Christ to indicate that the nature of the coming (that is, the manner of its manifestations) will be fully commensurate with the importance of the event. His first coming in the manger was not so. Then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn. The coming will occasion universal mourning in the unprepared, and apparently the majority of people will be in that condition. The term "all" is not, however, to be construed as including all individuals (#1Th 4:15-17|). (TFG 630) #Mt 24:31| And he shall send forth his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:27|". To the Jews the trumpet would naturally be associated with the assembling of the people, for silver trumpets were used to call Israel together (#Nu 10:1-4 Ex 19:13,16,19 Ps 81:3-5|). (TFG 630-631) #Mt 24:32,33| From the fig tree learn her parable, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:28|". #Mt 24:34| This generation shall not pass away, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:30|". #Mt 24:35| Heaven and earth shall pass away, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:31|". #Mt 24:36| But of that day and hour knoweth no one, etc. See TFG "#Mr 13:32|". #Mt 24:37| And as were the days of Noah. See TFG "#Lu 17:26|". #Mt 24:38| They were eating and drinking, marrying, etc. See TFG "#Lu 17:27|". #Mt 24:39| So shall be the coming of the Son of man. See TFG "#Lu 17:30|". #Mt 24:40| Then shall two man be in the field, etc. See #Lu 17:36|. #Mt 24:41| Two women shall be grinding at the mill, etc. See TFG "#Lu 17:35|". #Mt 24:44| Therefore be ye also ready, etc. See TFG "#Lu 12:40|". #Mt 24:45| Who then is a faithful and wise servant, etc. See TFG "#Lu 12:42|". #Mt 24:47| That he will set him over all that he hath. See TFG "#Lu 12:44|". #Mt 24:51| And shall cut him asunder. See TFG "#Lu 12:46|". There shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth. See TFG "#Mt 8:12|".
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