THGNT 1:1ESVἘν Inἀρχῇ the beginningἦν wasὁ [the/this/who]λόγος, the Wordκαὶ , andὁ [the/this/who]λόγος the Wordἦν wasπρὸς withτὸν [the/this/who]θεόν, Godκαὶ , andθεὸς Godἦν wasὁ [the/this/who]λόγος. the Word  THGNT 1:2ESVοὗτος Heἦν wasἐν inἀρχῇ the beginningπρὸς withτὸν [the/this/who]θεόν. God  THGNT 1:3ESVπάντα Allδι᾽ throughαὐτοῦ himἐγένετο, things were madeκαὶ , andχωρὶς withoutαὐτοῦ himἐγένετο madeοὐδὲ was notἓν any thingὃ thatγέγονεν. was made  THGNT 1:4ESVἐν Inαὐτῷ himζωὴ lifeἦν, wasκαὶ , andἡ [the/this/who]ζωὴ the lifeἦν wasτὸ [the/this/who]φῶς the lightτῶν [the/this/who]ἀνθρώπων, of men  THGNT 1:5ESVκαὶ , andτὸ Theφῶς lightἐν inτῇ [the/this/who]σκοτίᾳ the darknessφαίνει, shinesκαὶ [and]ἡ [the/this/who]σκοτία the darknessαὐτὸ itοὐ has notκατέλαβεν. overcome

 THGNT 1:6ESVἘγένετο There wasἄνθρωπος a manἀπεσταλμένος sentπαρὰ fromθεοῦ, Godὄνομα nameαὐτῷ , whoseἸωάννης. was John  THGNT 1:7ESVοὗτος Heἦλθεν cameεἰς asμαρτυρίαν a witnessἵνα , toμαρτυρήσῃ bear witnessπερὶ aboutτοῦ [the/this/who]φωτός, the lightἵνα , thatπάντες allπιστεύσωσιν might believeδι᾽ throughαὐτοῦ. him  THGNT 1:8ESVοὐκ notἦν He wasἐκεῖνος the lightτὸ [the/this/who]φῶς, the lightἀλλ᾽ , butἵνα came toμαρτυρήσῃ bear witnessπερὶ aboutτοῦ [the/this/who]φωτός. the light  THGNT 1:9ESVἦν Theτὸ [the/this/who]φῶς lightτὸ [the/this/who]ἀληθινὸν trueὃ , whichφωτίζει gives lightπάντα to everyoneἄνθρωπον to everyoneἐρχόμενον , was comingεἰς intoτὸν [the/this/who]κόσμον. the world  THGNT 1:10ESVἐν inτῷ [the/this/who]κόσμῳ the worldἦν, He wasκαὶ , andὁ [the/this/who]κόσμος the worldδι᾽ throughαὐτοῦ himἐγένετο, was madeκαὶ , yetὁ [the/this/who]κόσμος the worldαὐτὸν himοὐκ did notἔγνω. know  THGNT 1:11ESVεἰς toτὰ [the/this/who]ἴδια his ownἦλθεν, He cameκαὶ , andοἱ [the/this/who]ἴδιοι his ownαὐτὸν himοὐ people did notπαρέλαβον. receive  THGNT 1:12ESVὅσοι to allδὲ Butἔλαβον who did receiveαὐτόν, himἔδωκεν gaveαὐτοῖς hisἐξουσίαν the rightτέκνα childrenθεοῦ of Godγενέσθαι, to becomeτοῖς [the/this/who]πιστεύουσιν , who believedεἰς inτὸ [the/this/who]ὄνομα nameαὐτοῦ, , he  THGNT 1:13ESVοἳ whoοὐκ , notἐξ ofαἱμάτων bloodοὐδὲ norἐκ ofθελήματος the willσαρκὸς of the fleshοὐδὲ norἐκ ofθελήματος the willἀνδρὸς of manἀλλ᾽ , butἐκ ofθεοῦ Godἐγεννήθησαν. were born  THGNT 1:14ESVκαὶ Andὁ [the/this/who]λόγος the Wordσὰρξ fleshἐγένετο becameκαὶ andἐσκήνωσεν dweltἐν amongἡμῖν, usκαὶ , andἐθεασάμεθα we have seenτὴν [the/this/who]δόξαν gloryαὐτοῦ, hisδόξαν , gloryὡς asμονογενοῦς of the only Sonπαρὰ fromπατρός, the Fatherπλήρης , fullχάριτος of graceκαὶ andἀληθείας. truth

 THGNT 1:15ESVἸωάννης (Johnμαρτυρεῖ bore witnessπερὶ aboutαὐτοῦ himκαὶ , andκέκραγεν criedλέγων· criedοὗτος out, Thisἦν was heὃν of whomεἶπον· I saidὁ [the/this/who]ὀπίσω afterμου meἐρχόμενος , He who comesἔμπροσθέν beforeμου meγέγονεν, ranksὅτι , becauseπρῶτός beforeμου meἦν. he was  THGNT 1:16ESVὅτι [that/since]ἐκ fromτοῦ [the/this/who]πληρώματος fullnessαὐτοῦ hisἡμεῖς weπάντες have allἐλάβομεν receivedκαὶ Forχάριν , graceἀντὶ uponχάριτος. grace  THGNT 1:17ESVὅτι Forὁ [the/this/who]νόμος the lawδιὰ throughΜωϋσέως Mosesἐδόθη, was givenἡ [the/this/who]χάρις ; graceκαὶ andἡ [the/this/who]ἀλήθεια truthδιὰ throughἸησοῦ Jesusχριστοῦ Christἐγένετο. came

 THGNT 1:18ESVΘεὸν Godοὐδεὶς No oneἑώρακεν seenπώποτε· has everὁ God, whoμονογενὴς ; the onlyυἱὸς [son]ὁ [the/this/who]ὢν isεἰς atτὸν [the/this/who]κόλπον sideτοῦ [the/this/who]πατρός, the Father’sἐκεῖνος , heἐξηγήσατο. has made him known  THGNT 1:19ESVκαὶ Andαὕτη thisἐστὶν isἡ [the/this/who]μαρτυρία the testimonyτοῦ [the/this/who]Ἰωάννου of Johnὅτε , whenἀπέστειλαν sentπρὸς [to/with]αὐτὸν himοἱ [the/this/who]Ἰουδαῖοι the Jewsἐξ fromἹεροσολύμων Jerusalemἱερεῖς priestsκαὶ andΛευείτας Levitesἵνα toἐρωτήσωσιν askαὐτόν· [he/she/it/self]σὺ youτίς , Whoεἶ; are  THGNT 1:20ESVκαὶ Heὡμολόγησεν confessedκαὶ , andοὐκ did notἠρνήσατο denyκαὶ , butὡμολόγησεν confessedὅτι confessedἐγὼ , Iοὐκ notεἰμὶ amὁ [the/this/who]χριστός. the Christ

 THGNT 1:21ESVΚαὶ Andἠρώτησαν they askedαὐτόν· himτί , Whatοὖν; thenσὺ youἨλείας Elijahεἶ; ? Areκαὶ ? Andλέγει· ? He saidοὐκ notεἰμί. , I amὁ [the/this/who]προφήτης the Prophetεἶ . Areσύ; youκαὶ [and]ἀπεκρίθη· he answeredοὔ. , No  THGNT 1:22ESVεἶπαν theyοὖν Soαὐτῷ· said to himτίς , Whoεἶ; areἵνα you? We need toἀπόκρισιν an answerδῶμεν giveτοῖς to thoseπέμψασιν who sentἡμᾶς· usτί . Whatλέγεις do you sayπερὶ aboutσεαυτοῦ; yourself  THGNT 1:23ESVἔφη· He saidἐγὼ , Iφωνὴ am the voiceβοῶντος of one cryingἐν out inτῇ [the/this/who]ἐρήμῳ· the wildernessεὐθύνατε , Make straightτὴν [the/this/who]ὁδὸν the wayκυρίου· of the Lordκαθὼς , asεἶπεν saidἩσαΐας Isaiahὁ [the/this/who]προφήτης. the prophet  THGNT 1:24ESVκαὶ (Nowἀπεσταλμένοι they had been sentἦσαν fromἐκ fromτῶν [the/this/who]Φαρισαίων the Pharisees  THGNT 1:25ESVκαὶ Theyἠρώτησαν askedαὐτὸν askedκαὶ askedεἶπαν askedαὐτῷ· himτί whyοὖν , Thenβαπτίζεις are you baptizingεἰ , ifσὺ youοὐκ neitherεἶ areὁ [the/this/who]χριστὸς the Christοὐδὲ [and not]Ἠλείας Elijahοὐδὲ [and not]ὁ [the/this/who]προφήτης; the Prophet  THGNT 1:26ESVἀπεκρίθη answeredαὐτοῖς themὁ [the/this/who]Ἰωάννης Johnλέγων· themἐγὼ , Iβαπτίζω baptizeἐν withὕδατι· waterμέσος amongὑμῶν youἕστηκεν standsὃν oneὑμεῖς youοὐκ do notοἴδατε, know  THGNT 1:27ESVὁ [the/this/who]ὀπίσω afterμου Iἐρχόμενος, comesοὗ even he whoοὐκ notεἰμὶ amἐγὼ meἄξιος worthyἵνα toλύσω untieαὐτοῦ of whoseτὸν [the/this/who]ἱμάντα , the strapτοῦ [the/this/who]ὑποδήματος. sandal  THGNT 1:28ESVταῦτα These thingsἐν inΒηθανίᾳ [Bethany]ἐγένετο took placeπέραν acrossτοῦ [the/this/who]Ἰορδάνου the Jordanὅπου , whereἦν wasὁ [the/this/who]Ἰωάννης Johnβαπτίζων. baptizing

 THGNT 1:29ESVΤῇ , whoἐπαύριον The next dayβλέπει he sawτὸν [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦν Jesusἐρχόμενον comingπρὸς towardαὐτὸν himκαὶ , andλέγει· saidἴδε , Beholdὁ [the/this/who]ἀμνὸς , the Lambτοῦ [the/this/who]θεοῦ, of Godὁ [the/this/who]αἴρων takes awayτὴν [the/this/who]ἁμαρτίαν the sinτοῦ [the/this/who]κόσμου. of the world  THGNT 1:30ESVοὗτός Thisἐστιν is heὑπὲρ ofοὗ whomἐγὼ Iεἶπον· saidὀπίσω , Afterμου meἔρχεται comesἀνὴρ a manὃς whoἔμπροσθέν beforeμου meγέγονεν ranksὅτι , becauseπρῶτός beforeμου meἦν. he was  THGNT 1:31ESVκἀγὼ Iοὐκ myself did notᾔδειν knowαὐτόν, himἀλλ᾽ , butἵνα , thatφανερωθῇ he might be revealedτῷ [the/this/who]Ἰσραήλ, to Israelδιὰ forτοῦτο thisἦλθον cameἐγὼ purpose Iἐν withὕδατι waterβαπτίζων. baptizing  THGNT 1:32ESVκαὶ Andἐμαρτύρησεν bore witnessἸωάννης Johnλέγων bore witnessὅτι bore witnessτεθέαμαι : I sawτὸ [the/this/who]πνεῦμα the Spiritκαταβαῖνον descendὡς [which/how]περιστερὰν a doveἐξ fromοὐρανοῦ, heavenκαὶ , andἔμεινεν it remainedἐπ᾽ onαὐτόν. him  THGNT 1:33ESVκἀγὼ Iοὐκ myself did notᾔδειν knowαὐτόν, himἀλλ᾽ , butὁ [the/this/who]πέμψας he who sentμε meβαπτίζειν to baptizeἐν withὕδατι, waterἐκεῖνός saidμοι to meεἶπεν· saidἐφ᾽ , He onὃν whomἂν whomἴδῃς you seeτὸ [the/this/who]πνεῦμα the Spiritκαταβαῖνον descendκαὶ andμένον remainἐπ᾽ , thisαὐτόν, , thisοὗτός , thisἐστιν isὁ [the/this/who]βαπτίζων he who baptizesἐν withπνεύματι Spiritἁγίῳ. the Holy  THGNT 1:34ESVκἀγὼ And Iἑώρακα have seenκαὶ andμεμαρτύρηκα have borne witnessὅτι thatοὗτός thisἐστιν isὁ [the/this/who]υἱὸς the Sonτοῦ [the/this/who]θεοῦ. of God

 THGNT 1:35ESVΤῇ [the/this/who]ἐπαύριον The nextπάλιν day againἱστήκει was standingὁ [the/this/who]Ἰωάννης Johnκαὶ withἐκ ofτῶν [the/this/who]μαθητῶν disciplesαὐτοῦ hisδύο. two  THGNT 1:36ESVκαὶ andἐμβλέψας he lookedτῷ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦ at Jesusπεριπατοῦντι as he walkedλέγει· by and saidἴδε , Beholdὁ [the/this/who]ἀμνὸς , the Lambτοῦ [the/this/who]θεοῦ. of God  THGNT 1:37ESVκαὶ Theἤκουσαν heardοἱ [the/this/who]δύο twoμαθηταὶ disciplesαὐτοῦ himλαλοῦντος sayκαὶ this, andἠκολούθησαν they followedτῷ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦ. Jesus

 THGNT 1:38ESVΣτραφεὶς turnedδὲ turnedὁ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦς Jesusκαὶ andθεασάμενος sawαὐτοὺς themἀκολουθοῦντας followingλέγει and saidαὐτοῖς· to themτί Whatζητεῖτε; are you seekingοἱ [the/this/who]δὲ , Andεἶπαν they saidαὐτῷ· to himῥαββεί, , Rabbiὃ (whichλέγεται meansμεθερμηνευόμενον [to mean]διδάσκαλε, Teacherποῦ ), whereμένεις; are you staying  THGNT 1:39ESVλέγει He saidαὐτοῖς· to themἔρχεσθε Comeκαὶ andὄψεσθε. you will see

Ἦλθαν they cameοὖν , Soκαὶ andεἶδαν sawποῦ whereμένει, he was stayingκαὶ , andπαρ᾽ withαὐτῷ himἔμειναν they stayedτὴν [the/this/who]ἡμέραν dayἐκείνην· thatὥρα hourἦν it wasὡς aboutδεκάτη. the tenth
 THGNT 1:40ESVἦν wasἈνδρέας Andrewὁ whoἀδελφὸς brotherΣίμωνος , SimonΠέτρου Peter’sεἷς Oneἐκ ofτῶν [the/this/who]δύο the twoτῶν [the/this/who]ἀκουσάντων heardπαρὰ heardἸωάννου Johnκαὶ speak andἀκολουθησάντων followedαὐτῷ. Jesus

 THGNT 1:41ESVΕὑρίσκει foundοὗτος Heπρῶτον firstτὸν [the/this/who]ἀδελφὸν brotherτὸν [the/this/who]ἴδιον his ownΣίμωνα Simonκαὶ andλέγει saidαὐτῷ· to himεὑρήκαμεν , We have foundτὸν [the/this/who]μεσσίαν, the Messiahὅ (whichἐστιν meansμεθερμηνευόμενον meansχριστός. Christ  THGNT 1:42ESVἤγαγεν He broughtαὐτὸν himπρὸς toτὸν [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦν. Jesusἐμβλέψας lookedαὐτῷ at himὁ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦς . Jesusεἶπεν· and saidσὺ Youεἶ areΣίμων Simonὁ [the/this/who]υἱὸς the sonἸωάννου· [John]σὺ . Youκληθήσῃ shall be calledΚηφᾶς, Cephasὃ , (whichἑρμηνεύεται meansΠέτρος. Peter

 THGNT 1:43ESVΤῇ [the/this/who]ἐπαύριον The nextἠθέλησεν decidedἐξελθεῖν to goεἰς toτὴν [the/this/who]Γαλιλαίαν Galileeκαὶ . He foundεὑρίσκει . He foundΦίλιππον Philipκαὶ andλέγει saidαὐτῷ to himὁ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦς· day Jesusἀκολούθει Followμοι. me  THGNT 1:44ESVἦν wasδὲ Nowὁ [the/this/who]Φίλιππος Philipἀπὸ fromΒηθσαϊδά, Bethsaidaἐκ ofτῆς [the/this/who]πόλεως , the cityἈνδρέου Andrewκαὶ andΠέτρου. Peter

 THGNT 1:45ESVΕὑρίσκει foundΦίλιππος Philipτὸν [the/this/who]Ναθαναὴλ Nathanaelκαὶ andλέγει saidαὐτῷ· to himὃν him of whomἔγραψεν wroteΜωϋσῆς Mosesἐν inτῷ [the/this/who]νόμῳ the Lawκαὶ andοἱ [the/this/who]προφῆται, also the prophetsεὑρήκαμεν, , We have foundἸησοῦν , Jesusυἱὸν , the sonτοῦ [the/this/who]Ἰωσὴφ of Josephτὸν [the/this/who]ἀπὸ ofΝαζαρέτ. Nazareth  THGNT 1:46ESVκαὶ Nathanaelεἶπεν saidαὐτῷ to himΝαθαναήλ· Nathanaelἐκ outΝαζαρὲτ of Nazarethδύναταί , Canτι anythingἀγαθὸν goodεἶναι; comeλέγει saidαὐτῷ to himΦίλιππος· ? Philipἔρχου , Comeκαὶ andἴδε. see

 THGNT 1:47ESVΕἶδεν sawὁ [the/this/who]Ἰησοῦς Jesusτὸν [the/this/who]Ναθαναὴλ Nathanaelἐρχόμενον comingπρὸς towardαὐτὸν himκαὶ andλέγει saidπερὶ ofαὐτοῦ· himἴδε Beholdἀληθῶς indeedἸσραηλείτης , an Israeliteἐν , inᾧ whomδόλος deceitοὐκ noἔστιν. there is  THGNT 1:48ESVλέγει saidαὐτῷ to himΝαθαναήλ· Nathanaelπόθεν , Howμε meγινώσκεις; do you knowἀπεκρίθη answeredἸησοῦς ? Jesusκαὶ answeredεἶπεν answeredαὐτῷ· himπρὸ Beforeτοῦ [the/this/who]σε youΦίλιππον Philipφωνῆσαι calledὄντα , when you wereὑπὸ underτὴν [the/this/who]συκῆν the fig treeεἶδόν , I sawσε. you  THGNT 1:49ESVἀπεκρίθη answeredαὐτῷ himΝαθαναήλ· Nathanaelῥαββεί, , Rabbiσὺ , youεἶ areὁ [the/this/who]υἱὸς the Sonτοῦ [the/this/who]θεοῦ, of Godσὺ ! Youβασιλεὺς the Kingεἶ areτοῦ [the/this/who]Ἰσραήλ. of Israel

 THGNT 1:50ESVἈπεκρίθη answeredἸησοῦς Jesusκαὶ answeredεἶπεν answeredαὐτῷ· himὅτι Becauseεἶπόν I saidσοι youὅτι [that/since]εἶδόν , I sawσε to youὑποκάτω underτῆς [the/this/who]συκῆς, the fig treeπιστεύεις; , do you believeμείζω greaterτούτων things than theseὄψῃ. ? You will see  THGNT 1:51ESVκαὶ Andλέγει he saidαὐτῷ· to himἀμὴν Trulyἀμὴν , trulyλέγω , I sayὑμῖν, to youὄψεσθε seeτὸν [the/this/who]οὐρανὸν heavenἀνεῳγότα openedκαὶ , andτοὺς [the/this/who]ἀγγέλους the angelsτοῦ [the/this/who]θεοῦ of Godἀναβαίνοντας ascendingκαὶ andκαταβαίνοντας descendingἐπὶ onτὸν [the/this/who]υἱὸν the Sonτοῦ [the/this/who]ἀνθρώπου. of Man
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