2 Chronicles 22

1 Ahaziah succeeding, reigns wickedly.

5 In his confederacy with Joram, the son of Ahab, he is slain by Jehu.

10 Athaliah, destroying all the seed royal, save Joash, whom Jehoshabeath his aunt hid, usurps the kingdom.

the inhabitants.

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2Ki 8:24-29; 1Ch 3:11



A.M. 3119, 3120. B.C. 885, 884. Forty and two.In the parallel passage, (on which see the Note) he is said to be only twenty-two; and this is doubtless the true reading, as it is supported here by several MSS. and Versions.

2Ki 8:26


21:6; 1Ki 16:28

his mother.

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Mt 14:8-11

his counsellor.

Ge 27:12,13; Mt 10:37; Ac 4:19

they were his.

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He walked.

Ps 1:1; Mic 6:16

went with.

2Ki 8:28,29-9:13


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And he returned.

2Ki 9:15

which were given him. Heb. wherewith they wounded him.Azariah. Ahaziah, ['chzyhw, ,] and Jehoahaz, [yhw'chz ,] are essentially the same both in letters and sense, the word [yhw,] {yeho,} or [yh, ,] {yah,} being merely transposed: but Azariah, [`zryhw, ,] seems to have been a distinct name by which he was known.




Jehoahaz. to see Jehoram.

2Ki 8:29; 10:13,14

destruction. Heb. treading down.

Mal 4:3

was of God.

10:15; De 32:35; Jud 14:4; 1Ki 12:15; 22:20; Ps 9:16; Isa 46:10

Ho 14:9

he went out.

2Ki 9:21

the Lord had.

1Ki 19:16; 2Ki 9:1-7

when Jehu.

2Ki 10:10-14

he sought Ahaziah.The account in the parallel passage is somewhat different. "The current of the story at large is this," says Dr. Lightfoot: "Jehu slayeth Joram in the field of Jezreel, as Ahaziah and Joram were together: Ahaziah seeing this, flies, and gets into Samaria, and hides himself there. Jehu marches to Jezreel, and makes Jezebel dogs' meat: from thence sends to Samaria for the heads of Ahab's children and posterity; which are brought him by night, and shewed to the people in the morning. Then he marches to Samaria, and, by the way, slayeth forty-two of Ahab's kinsmen, and findeth Jehonadab, the father of the Rechabites. Coming into Samaria, he maketh search for Ahaziah: they find him hid, bring him to Jehu, and he commands to carry him towards Gur, by Ibleam, and there to slay him. They do so: smite him in his chariot, and his charioteer driveth away to Megiddo before he dies." "2 Ki 9:27, at Megiddo, in the kingdom of Samaria."

in Samaria.

1Ki 13:21


1Ki 14:13; 2Ki 9:28,34

the son of Jehoshaphat.

17:3,4; 21:20

the house.

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Eze 40:45,46



she slew him not.

21:7; 2Sa 7:13; 1Ki 15:4; Ps 33:10; 76:10; Pr 21:30; Isa 65:8

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A.M. 3120-3126. B.C. 884-878. hid in the house.

Ps 27:5


Ps 12:8; 73:14,18,19

Jer 12:1; Hab 1:12
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