2 Chronicles 27

1 Jotham reigning well, prospers.

5 He subdues the Ammonites.

7 His reign and death; Ahaz succeeds him.

A.M. 3246-3262. B.C. 753-742. twenty and five.

2Ki 15:32,33-38; 1Ch 3:12; Isa 1:1; Ho 1:1; Mic 1:1; Mt 1:9


And he did.

26:4; 2Ki 15:34

he entered not.He copied his father's conduct as far as it was pious and constitutional; and avoided his transgression.

26:16-21; Ps 119:120; Ac 5:13

the people.

2Ki 15:35

high gate.

23:20; Jer 20:2

Ophel. or, the tower."The wall," says the Targum, "of the interior palace." {Ophel} appears to have been a tower, or fort, on the city wall, in which we read "the Nehthinim dwelt."

33:14; Ne 3:26,27

he built cities.

11:5-10; 14:7; 26:9,10

the mountains.

Jos 14:12,13; Lu 1:39

castles and towers.These castles and towers he doubtless built built for the protection of the country people against marauders.

the king of the Ammonites.We find here, that he brought the Ammonites under a heavy tribute for three years; but whether this was the effect of his prevailing against them, is not so evident. Some think that they paid this tribute for three years, and then revolted; that, in consequence, he attacked them, and their utter subjection was the result.

20:1; Jud 11:4-33; 2Sa 10:1-14; Jer 49:1-6

ten thousand.Rather, "ten thousand {cors} (korim) of wheat." The {cor} was same as the {homer,} and contained about 32 pecks 1 pint.

So much. Heb. This.



prepared. or, established.


Now the rest.

20:34; 26:22,23; 32:32,33

A.M. 3262. B.C. 742. they are written.There is not so much found in the book of Kings, which we have now, as here: in both places we have abridged accounts; the larger histories having been lost.



2Ki 15:38
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