2 Kings 12

1 Jehoash reigns well all the days of Jehoiada.

4 He gives order for the repair of the temple.

17 Hazael is diverted from Jerusalem by a present of the hallowed treasures.

19 Jehoash being slain, Amaziah succeeds him.

the seventh.

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A.M. 3148. B.C. 856. said to the priests.

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the money.

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dedicated things. or, holy things. Heb. holiness.

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even the money.

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that every may is set at. Heb. of the souls of hisestimation.

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and all the money.

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cometh, etc. Heb. ascendeth upon the heart of a man.

Let the priests.

2Ch 24:5

let them repair.

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three and twentieth year. Heb. twentieth year and thirdyear. the priests.

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king Jehoash.

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Why repair ye.

1Ch 21:3


took a chest.

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the priests.

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door. Heb. threshold.

Ps 84:10; *marg:

the king's.

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scribe. or, secretary. put up. Heb. bound up.


in bags.Sir J. Chardin informs us, "it is a custom of Persia always to seal up bags of money; and the money of the king's treasure is not told, but is received by bags sealed up." These are what are called in the East purses; each of which, as Maillet informs us, contains money to the amount of 1,500 livres, or about 63£. of our money. The money thus collected for the reparation of the temple, seems, in like manner, to have been reckoned in bags of equal value to each other; as we can scarcely imagine the placing it in bags would otherwise have been mentioned. The value of a Jewish purse is unknown; but the bags mentioned in ch. 5:23, amounted to a talent.

gave the money.

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laid it out. Heb. brought it forth.


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was laid out. Heb. went forth.

there were not.That is, there were no vessels made for the service of the temple till all the outward repairs were completed; but, when this was done, "they brought the rest of the money before the king and Jehoiada, whereof were made vessels of gold and silver," (2 Ch 24:14,) to replace those which had been taken away by Athaliah and her sons.

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they reckoned.


for they dealt.

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trespass money.

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A.M. 3164. B.C. 840. Hazael.


against Gath.

1Sa 27:2; 1Ki 2:39,40; 1Ch 8:13; 18:1

set his face.

Jer 42:15; Lu 9:51,53

to Jerusalem.

2Ch 24:23,24

took all the hallowed.He dearly bought, by such unhallowed means, a peace which was of short duration; for the next year Hazael returned, and Jehoash having no more treasures, was obliged to hazard a battle, which he lost, and the principal part of his nobility, so that Judah was totally ruined, and Jehoash soon after slain in his bed by his own servants.

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went away. Heb. went up.

the rest.

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his servants.

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the house of Millo. or, Beth-millo.

Jud 9:6; 2Sa 5:9; 1Ki 11:27

Jozachar.This person is called Zabad in Chronicles, and Shimeath his mother is said to be an Ammonitess; and Jehozabad is said to be the son, not of Shomer, but of Shimrith, a Moabitess. Who the fathers of these two persons were we know not; they were probably foreigners and aliens. Some suppose that they belonged to the king's chamber, and therefore could have easy access to him.

2Ch 24:26

Zabad. Shomer.

2Ch 24:26

Shimrith. Amaziah his son.

2Ch 24:27
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