Ezekiel 41

1 The measures, parts, chambers, and ornaments of the temple.

he brought.


to the temple.

1Ki 6:2; Zec 6:12,13; Eph 2:20-22; 1Pe 2:5; Re 3:12; 11:1,2

Re 21:3,15

the posts.These were probably a sort of door-case on each side of the entrance; and the tabernacle perhaps was a kind of covering to the door, of the same dimensions.

the door. or, the entrance.This was the door out of the porch into the sanctuary, which seems to have been wider than that from the court to the porch.

Ex 26:36; 36:37; 1Ki 6:31-35; 2Ch 3:7; 29:7; Joh 10:7,9

the length.

1Ki 6:2,17; 2Ch 3:3

two cubits.This was the thickness of the partition wall between the sanctuary (ver. 2) and holy of holies (ver. 4); the breadth of the wall on each side of the gate being seven cubits, and the entrance into the holy place six cubits in width.


twenty cubits.

1Ki 6:20; 2Ch 3:8; Re 21:16


Ex 26:33,34; Heb 9:3-8

side chamber.

6,7; 42:3-14; 1Ki 6:5,6

one over another. Heb. side chamber over side chamber.thirty in order. or, three and thirty times, or feet. We find by Josephus, that around Solomon's temple were chambers three stories high, each story consisting of thirty chambers; which are supposed to have been on the north, south, and east sides of the temple.

and they.

1Ki 6:6,10

have held. Heb. be holden.

1Pe 1:5

but.That is, the beams or supporters, of the chambers were not let into the main wall of the temple; but rested on projections of the outer wall, which became a cubit narrower at every story, leaving a ledge of one cubit, to support the beams.

there was. Heb. it was, made broader, and went round.

1Ki 6:8; Mt 13:32; Heb 6:1

an enlarging.In the same proportion in which the thickness of the wall decreased, the chambers increased, so that the middle story was one cubit larger, and the upper story two cubits larger, than the lower rooms; and a winding staircase, which widened in the same manner as the rooms, ascended from the bottom to the top.

a full.

40:5; Re 21:16

was five.


that which.This appears to have been a walk, or gallery of communication between the chambers, five cubits broad, into which the doors opened.

11; 42:1,4

the chambers.As the word rendered chambers is different from that used before, it is supposed there was another row of buildings, parallel with the side chambers, with a passage of twenty cubits between.


and the breadth.

9; 42:4


13-15; 42:1,10,13; Re 21:27; 22:14,15

the wall.This appears to have been a building erected at the west end of the temple.

he measured.These verses (13-15) seem to intimate, that all the buildings of the temple occupied an area of 100 square cubits.



galleries. or, several walks, or walks with pillars.

42:3; So 1:17; 7:5; Zec 3:7

with the.

17; 42:15


26; 40:16,25; 1Ki 6:4; 1Co 13:12

ceiled with wood. Heb. ceiling of wood.

1Ki 6:15; 2Ch 3:5; Hag 1:4

from the ground up to the windows. or, the ground unto thewindows. covered. Probably either by jutting out of the main wall of the temple; or by lattice work, or curtains, or by both.

To that.That is, the windows were placed above the height of the door, at the east end of the temple, and thus continued, at the same height, and at measured distances, along both sides of the holy place, to the wall of the inner sanctuary, in which there were no windows.

measure. Heb. measures.


with cherubims.

1Ki 6:29-32; 7:36; 2Ch 3:7

palm trees.

40:16,22; Re 7:9

and every.

1:10; 10:14,21; Re 4:7-9



posts. Heb. post.

40:14; 1Ki 6:33; *marg:

altar.This must signify the altar of incense; which, both in the tabernacle and Solomon's temple, was covered with plates of gold. It is very remarkable, that in this temple described by Ezekiel, there is not the least mention of gold or silver, though there was such a profusion of these metals in the former; which may probably imply, that a glory of a more spiritual nature was intended under these emblems.

Ex 30:1-3; 1Ki 6:20,22; 7:48; 2Ch 4:19; Re 8:3

This is.

23:41; 44:16; Ex 25:28-30; Le 24:6; Pr 9:2; So 1:12; Mal 1:7,12

1Co 10:21; Re 3:20


Ex 30:8

1Ki 6:31-35; 2Ch 4:22




16; 40:16
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