Ezra 3

1 The altar is set up.

4 Offerings renewed.

7 Workmen employed in preparing materials.

8 The foundations of the temple are laid in great joy and mourning.

the seventh.

Ex 23:14-17; Le 16:29; 23:24,27-44; Nu 29:1-40; Ne 8:2,14

as one.

Jud 20:1; Ne 8:1; Zep 3:9; Ac 2:46; 4:32; 1Co 1:10


Hag 1:1,12,14; 2:2-4; Zec 3:1,8; 6:11

Joshua the son of Josedech. Zerubbabel.

2:2; 1Ch 3:17,19; Hag 2:21,23; Zec 4:6-10; Mt 1:12,13; Lu 3:27

Zorobabel, Salathiel. as it is written.

Ex 20:24,25; Nu 28:3-31; De 12:5-7; 2Ch 6:6; Ps 78:68Bp. Patrick observes, that before the temple was built, there seems to have been a tabernacle pitched for Divine service, as was in David's time, not on mount Moriah, but mount Sion, to be used while the temple was building. Let us learn hence to begin with God, and to do what we can in the worship of God, when we cannot do what we would. They could not immediately have a temple, but they would not be without an altar. Wherever a Christian goes, if he carry not with him the sacrifices of prayer and praise, he is wanting in his duty; for he has an altar ever ready that sanctifies both the gift and the giver.

the altar.

2Ch 4:1

for fear.

4:11-16; 8:21,22; Ps 27:1,2; 56:2-4

even burnt.

Ex 29:38-42; Nu 28:2-8

the feast.

Ex 23:16; Le 23:34-36; Ne 8:14-17; Zec 14:16-19; Joh 7:2,37

the daily.

Nu 29:12-38

as the duty of every day required. Heb. the matter of theday in his day.

Ex 5:13; 29:38; Jer 52:34; *marg:

the continual.

Ex 29:38-42; Nu 28:3-10,11,19,27; 29:2,8,13


Le 1:3; De 12:6,17; 2Ch 29:31,32

the foundation of the temple of the Lord was not yet laid.Heb. the temple of the Lord was not yet founded.

gave money.

2Ki 12:11,12; 22:5,6; 2Ch 24:12,13

carpenters. or, workmen. meat.

1Ki 5:6,9-11; 2Ch 2:10-15; Eze 27:17; Ac 12:20

JoppaJoppa, now Jaffa or Yaffa, one of the most ancient sea-ports in the world, is situated in a fine plain on the shore of the Mediterranean, between Jamnia south and Caesarea of Palestine north, 150 stadia from Antipatris, according to Josephus, 30 miles south of Caesarea, 12 miles north of Ashdod, 9 miles west of Ramla, and 40 miles west of Jerusalem, according to modern authorities; and in lat. 32 degrees 50' long. 65 degrees 40' according to Ptolemy. It is still a considerable town, containing about 4,000 or 5,000 souls, and occupying a circular eminence close to the seaside, with a citadel on the summit; the bottom of the hill being surrounded by a wall 12 or 14 feet high, and two or three feet thick. The environs are occupied by extensive gardens.

2Ch 2:16; Jon 1:3; Ac 9:36; 10:5,6





twenty years old.

Nu 4:3; 1Ch 23:24-32

Jeshua.Not Jeshua the high-priest, before mentioned, but another Jeshua, a Levite, mentioned in the parallel passage.


JudahHodaviah, [Hôwdavyâh ,] is called Hodevah, [Hôwdevâh ,] by the elision of [Yôwd,] {yood,} and was probably named Judah, from the word having the same signification.



Ne 7:43


together. Heb. as one.

when the builders.

Zec 4:10

they set.

Ex 28:40-42; 1Sa 22:18; 1Ch 15:27; Ne 12:24-26


Nu 10:1-10; 1Ch 15:24; 16:5,6,42

the sons of Asaph.

1Ch 6:39; 16:37; 25:1-7; 2Ch 35:15

after the ordinance.

1Ch 6:31-48; 16:4-7; 23:5; 2Ch 29:25,26

they sang.

Ex 15:21; Ne 12:24,40; Ps 24:7-10; Isa 6:3


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Hag 2:3

when the foundation.

Job 8:7; Isa 41:14; 60:22; Da 2:34,35; Zec 4:10; Mt 13:31,32


Ps 126:6; Jer 31:8,9

So that.This sight must have been very affecting; a whole people, one part weeping aloud with sorrow, the other shouting aloud for joy; and on the same occasion too, in which both sides felt an equal interest. The prophet Haggai (ch 2:1-9) comforted them on this occasion, by assuring them that the glory of this latter house should exceed that of the former, because the Lord would come to this temple, and fill it with His glory.

the noise.

Jud 2:5


Ne 12:43; Ps 5:11; Jer 33:11; Zec 4:7; Lu 19:37-40

and the noise.

Ex 32:17,18; 1Sa 4:5; 1Ki 1:40,45; Ps 100:1,2
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