Joshua 4

1 Twelve men are appointed to take twelve stones for a memorial out of Jordan.

9 Twelve other stones are set up in the midst of Jordan.

10 The people pass over.

14 God magnifies Joshua.

15 The priests commanded to come out of Jordan.

20 The twelve stones are pitched in Gilgal.

were clean passed.

3:17; De 27:2

twelve men.

3:12; Nu 1:4-15; 13:2; 34:18; De 1:23; 1Ki 18:31; Mt 10:1-5

the priest's fees.


twelve stones.

24:27; Ge 28:22; De 27:1-26; 1Sa 7:12; Ps 103:2; 11:4; Lu 19:40

leave them.



2; Mr 3:14-19


a sign.

22:27; Ex 12:14; 13:9; 31:13; Nu 16:38; Isa 55:13; Eze 20:12,20

when your.

21; Ex 12:26,27; 13:14; De 6:20,21; 11:19; Ps 44:1; 71:18; 78:3-8

Isa 38:19; Ac 2:39

in time to come. Heb. to-morrow.

the waters.



6; Ex 12:14; 28:12; 30:16; Nu 16:40; Ps 111:4; Isa 66:3; *marg:

1Co 11:24

did so as Joshua.

2-5; 1:16-18

set up twelve.

Ex 24:12; 28:21; 1Ki 18:31; Ps 111:2-4

and they are there.These words might be written by Joshua at the close of his life, or perhaps be added by some later prophet. It seems from this verse, that there were two sorts of stones erected as a memorial of this great event: twelve at Gilgal (ver. 20,) and twelve in the bed of the Jordan; which last might have been placed on a base of strong stone work, so high as always to be visible, and serve to mark the very spot where the priests stood with the ark. Drs. Kennicott and Shuckford, however, would read here with the Syriac, {mittoch,} "from the midst," instead of {bethoch,} "in the midst;" and render, "And Joshua took up the twelve stones (taken) from the midst of Jordan," etc. But this reading is unsupported by any MS. yet collated; and it appears wholly unnecessary.

Ge 26:33; De 34:6; Jud 1:26; 1Sa 30:25; 2Sa 4:3; 2Ch 5:9; Mt 27:8

Mt 28:15

stood in the midst.

3:13,16,17; Isa 28:16


Nu 27:21-23; De 31:9


Ex 12:39; Ps 119:60; Pr 27:1; Ec 9:10; 2Co 6:2; Heb 3:7,8

that the ark.

18; 3:8,17

the children.

1:14; Nu 32:20-32

prepared for war. or, ready armed.

Eph 6:11

to the plains.

5:10; 2Ki 25:5; Jer 39:5; 52:8


1:16-18; 3:7; 1Co 10:2

they feared him.

Ex 14:31; 1Sa 12:18; 1Ki 3:28; 2Ch 30:12; Pr 24:21; Ro 13:4


3:3-6; Ex 25:16-22; Re 11:19

Come ye up.

Ge 8:16-18; Da 3:26; Ac 16:23,35-39

the soles.


lifted up. Heb. plucked up. that the waters.As soon as the priests and the ark were come up out of Jordan, the waters of the river, which had stood on a heap, flowed down according to their natural and usual course, and again soon filled the channel. This make it abundantly evident, that the miraculous change which had been given to the river was not from any secret natural cause, but solely by the power of God, and for the sake of his chosen people; for when Israel's host had passed through, and the token of his presence was removed, immediately the waters went forward again: so that if it be asked, "What aileth thee, O Jordan, that thou wast driven back?" it must be answered, it was in obedience to the God of Israel, and in kindness to the Israel of God.

Ex 14:26-28

and flowed. Heb. went.

3:15; 1Ch 12:15; Isa 8:8

first month.

Ex 12:2,3

Gilgal.That is, the place afterwards called Gilgal; for it is so called here by anticipation. It was about ten furlongs east from Jericho, and fifty west from the Jordan. See Josephus and Calmet.

5:9; 10:6,43; 15:7; 1Sa 11:14,15; 15:33; Am 4:4; 5:5; Mic 6:5


When your.

6; Ps 105:2-5; 145:4-7

in time to come. Heb. to-morrow.

3:17; Ex 14:29; 15:19; Ps 66:5,6; Isa 11:15,16; 44:27; 51:10

Re 16:12

as the Lord.The parents must take that occasion to tell their children of the drying up of the Red Sea forty years before: "As the Lord your God did to the Red Sea." It greatly magnifies later mercies to compare them with those before enjoyed; for, by making the comparison, it appears that God is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. Later blessings should also bring to remembrance former mercies, and revive thankfulness for them.

which he dried.

Ex 14:21; Ne 9:11; Ps 77:16-19; 78:13; Isa 43:16; 63:12-14

all the people.

Ex 9:16; De 28:10; 1Sa 17:46; 1Ki 8:42,43; 2Ki 5:15; 19:19

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that it is.

Ex 15:16; 1Ch 29:12; Ps 89:13

ye might.

Ex 14:31; 20:20; De 6:2; Ps 76:6-8; 89:7; Jer 10:6,7; 32:40

for ever. Heb. all days.
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