Genesis 36

These are the generations of Esau which is called Edo. Esau toke his wyues of the doughters of Canaan Ada the doughter of Elon an Hethite and Ahalibama the doughter of Ana which Ana was the sonne of Zibeon an heuyte And Basmath Ismaels doughter and sister of Nebaioth. And Ada bare vnto Esau Eliphas: and Basmath bare Reguel: And Ahalibama bare Ieus Iaelam and Rorah. These are the sonnes of Esau which were borne him in the lande of Canaan. And Esau toke his wyues his sonnes and doughters and all the soules of his house: his goodes and all his catell and all his substance which he had gott in the land of Canaan ad went in to a countre awaye from his brother Iacob: for their ryches was so moch that they coude not dwell together and that the land where in they were straungers coude not receaue the: because of their catell. Thus dwelt Esau in moute Seir which Esau is called Edo These are the generations of Esau father of the Edomytes in mounte Seir 10 and these are the names of Esaus sonnes: Eliphas the sonne of Ada the wife of Esau ad Reguel the sonne of Basmath the wife of Esau also. 11 And the sonnes of Eliphas were. Theman Omar Zepho Gactham and kenas. 12 And thimna was concubyne to Eliphas Esaus sonne and bare vnto Eliphas Amalech. And these be the sonnes of Ada Esaus wyfe. 13 And these are the sonnes of Reguel: Nahath Serah Samma and Misa: these were the sonnes of Basmath Esaus wyfe. 14 And these were the sonnes of Ahalibama Esaus wyfe the doughter of Ana sonne of Zebeo which she bare vnto Esau: Ieus Iealam and Korah. 15 These were dukes of the sonnes of Esau. The childern of Eliphas the first sone of Esau were these: duke Theman duke Omar duke Zepho duke Kenas 16 duke Korah duke Gaetham and duke Amalech: these are ye dukes that came of Eliphas in the lande of Edom ad these were the sonnes of Ada. 17 These were the childern of Requel. Esaus sonne: duke Nahath duke Serah duke Samma duke Misa. These are the dukes that came of Reguel in the lande of Edom ad these were the sonnes of Basmath Esaus wyfe. 18 These were the childern of Ahalibama Esaus wife: duke Ieus duke Iaelam duke Korah these dukes came of Ahalibama ye doughter of Ana Esaus wife. 19 These are the childern of Esau and these are the dukes of them: which Esau is called Edom: 20 These are the childern of Seir the Horite the in habitoure of the lande: Lothan Sobal Zibeon Ana 21 Dison Eser and Disan. These are the dukes of ye horites the childern of Seir in the lande of Edom. 22 And the childern of Lothan were: Hori and Hemam. And Lothans sister was called Thimna. 23 The childern of Sobal were these: Alvan Manahath Ebal Sepho and Onam. 24 These were the childern of Zibeo. Aia and ana this was yt Ana yt foude ye mules in ye wildernes as he fed his father Zibeons asses. 25 The childern of Ana were these. Dison and Ahalibama ye doughter of Ana. 26 These are the childern of Dison. Hemdan Esban Iethran and Chera. 27 The childern of Ezer were these Bilhan Seavan and Akan. 28 The childern of Disan were: Vzand Aran. 29 These are the dukes that came of Hori: duke Lothan duke Sobal duke Zibeo duke Ana 30 duke Dison duke Ezer duke Disan. These be the dukes that came of Hory in their dukedos in the land of Seir. 31 These are the kynges that reigned in the lande of Edom before there reigned any kynge amonge the childern of Israel. 32 Bela the sonne of Beor reigned in Edomea and the name of his cyte was Dinhaba. 33 And when Bela dyed Iobab the sonne of Serah out of Bezara reigned in his steade. 34 When Iobab was dead Husam of the lande of Themany reigned in his steade. 35 And after the deth of Husam Hadad the sonne of Bedad which stewe the Madianytes in the feld of the Moabytes reigned in his steade and the name of his cyte was Avith. 36 Whe Hadad was dead Samla of Masteka reigned in his steade. 37 Whe Samla was dead Saul of the ryver Rehoboth reigned in his steade. 38 When Saul was dead Baalhanan the sonne of Achbor reigned in his steade. 39 And after the deth of Baal Hanan the sonne of Achbor Hadad reigned in his steade and the name of his cyte was Pagu. And his wifes name Mehetabeel the doughter of matred the doughter of Mesaab. 40 These are the names of the dukes that came of Esau in their kynreddds places and names: Duke Thimma duke Alua duke Ietheth 41 duke Ahalibama duke Ela duke Pinon 42 duke Kenas duke Theman duke Mibzar 43 duke Magdiel duke Iram. These be the dukes of Edomea in their habitations in the lande of their possessions. This Esau is the father of the Edomytes.
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