Romans 15

We which are stronge ought to beare the fraylnes of them which are weake and not to stonde in oure awne cosaytes. Let every man please his neghbour vnto his welth and edyfyinge. For Christ pleased not him selfe: but as it is written. The rebukes of the which rebuked the fell one me. Whatsoever thinges are written afore tyme are written for oure learnynge that we thorow pacience and comforte of the scripture myght have hope. The God of pacience and consolacion geve vnto every one of you that ye be lyke mynded one towardes another after the insample of Christ: that ye all agreynge together maye with one mouth prayse God the father of oure Lorde Iesus. Wherfore receave ye one another as Christ receaved vs to the prayse of God. And I saye that Iesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the trueth of god to conferme the promyses made vnto the fathers. And let the gentyls prayse god for his mercy as it is written: For this cause I will prayse the amonge the gentyls and synge in thy name. 10 And agayne he sayth: reioyse ye gentyles with his people. 11 And agayne prayse the Lorde all ye gentyls and laude him all nacions. 12 And in another place Esaias sayth: ther shalbe the rote of Iesse and he that shall ryse ro raygne over the gentyls: in him shall the gentyls trust. 13 The God of hope fyll you with all ioye and peace in belevynge: that ye maye be ryche in hope thorowe the power of the holy goost. 14 I my selfe am full certified of you my brethren that ye youre selves are full of goodnes and filled with all knowledge and are able to exhorte one another. 15 Neverthelesse brethren I have some what boldly written vnto you as one that putteth you in remembrauce thorow the grace that is geven me of God 16 that I shuld be the minister of Iesu Christ amonge the gentyls and shuld minister the gladde tydynges of God that the gentyls myght be an acceptable offerynge sanctyfied by the holy goost. 17 I have therfore wherof I maye reioyse in Christ Iesu in tho thinges which pertayne to God. 18 For I dare not speake of eny of tho thinges which Christ hath not wrought by me to make the gentyls obedient with worde and dede 19 in myghty signes and wonders by the power of the sprete of God: so that from Ierusalem and the costes rounde aboute vnto Illyricum I have fylled all countres with the gladde tydynges of Christ. 20 So have I enforsed my selfe to preache the gospell not where Christ was named lest I shuld have bylt on another mannes foundacion: 21 but as it is written: To whom he was not spoken of they shall se: and they that hearde not shall vnderstonde. 22 For this cause I have bene ofte let to come vnto you: 23 but now seynge I have no moare to do in these countres and also have bene desyrous many yeares to come vnto you 24 when I shall take my iorney into spayne I will come to you. I trust to se you in my iorney and to be brought on my waye thither warde by you after that I have somwhat enioyed you. 25 Now go I vnto Ierusalem and minister vnto the saynctes. 26 For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certayne distribucio vpo the poore saynctes which are at Ierusalem. 27 It hath pleased them verely and their detters are they. For yf the getils be made partetakers of their spirituall thinges their dutie is to minister vnto the in carnall thinges. 28 When I have performed this and have brought them this frute sealed. I will come backe agayne by you into Spayne. 29 And I am sure when I come that I shall come with aboundaunce of the blessinge of the gospell of Christ. 30 I beseche you brethre for oure Lorde Iesus Christes sake and for the love of the sprete that ye helpe me in my busynes with youre prayers to God for me 31 that I maye be delyvered from them which beleve not in Iewry and that this my service which I have to Ierusalem maye be accepted of ye saynctes 32 that I maye come vnto you with ioye by the will of God and maye with you be refresshed. 33 The God of peace be with you. Amen.
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