Luke 8

Thy faith hath saved thee - Not thy love. Love is salvation. Mary Magdalene - Or Mary of Magdala, a town in Galilee: probably the person mentioned in the last chapter. Mt 13:1; Mr 4:1. Who - keep it - Not like the highway side: And bring forth fruit - Not like the thorny ground: With perseverance - Not like the stony. No man having lighted a candle - As if ho had said, And let your good fruit appear openly. Mt 5:15; Mr 4:21; Lu 11:33. For nothing is hid - Strive not to conceal it at all; for you can conceal nothing long. Mt 10:26; Mr 4:22; Lu 12:2. The word commonly translated seemeth, wherever it occurs, does not weaken, but greatly strengthens the sense. Mt 13:12; Mr 4:25; Lu 19:26. Mt 12:46; Mr 3:31. Mt 8:23; Mr 4:35. Mt 8:28; Mr 5:1. For many times it had caught him - Therefore our compassionate Lord made the more haste to cast him out. The abyss - That is, the bottomless pit. To enter into the swine - Not that they were any easier in the swine than out of them. Had it been so, they would not so soon have dislodged themselves, by destroying the herd. Mt 9:1; Mr 5:18. Mr 5:21. She is not dead but sleepeth - Her soul is not separated finally from the body; and this short separation is rather to be called sleep than death.
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