Psalms 115

Are like them - As void of all sense or reason as their images. Their - Who trust in him. Aaron - You priests and Levites. Ye that fear - All of you who worship the true God, not only Israelites, but even Gentile proselytes. Mindful - In our former straits, and therefore we trust he will still bless us. Both small - Of whatsoever quality, high and low, rich and poor. The Lord's - In a peculiar manner, where he dwelleth in that light and glory, to which no man can approach. Given - As the foregoing verse declares, that God was the creator of heaven and earth, so this asserts that he is also their Lord and governor to dispose of all men and things as he pleases. Silence - Into the place of silence, the grave.


This psalm is a solemn thanksgiving to God.

Wherein the psalmist professes his love to God, for delivering him out

of great straits and dangers, ver. 1 - 8.

Prays for his future protection, and promises to praise him, and to

walk holy before him, 9 - 19.
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