Psalms 39

I said - I fully resolved. Take heed - To order all my actions right, and particularly to govern my tongue. Dumb - Two words put together, expressing the same thing, to aggravate or increase it. I held - I forbear to speak, what I justly might, lest I should break forth into some indecent expressions. Stirred - My silence did not assuage my grief, but increase it. My end - Make me sensible of the shortness and uncertainly of life, and the near approach of death. Before thee - If compared with thee, and with thy everlasting duration. Vain shew - Heb. in a shadow or image; in an imaginary rather than a real life: in the pursuit of vain imaginations, in which there is nothing solid or satisfactory: man in and his life, and all his happiness in this world, are rather appearances and dreams, than truths and realities. Disquieted - Heb. They make a noise, bustling, or tumult, with unwearied industry seeking for riches, and troubling and vexing both themselves and others in the pursuit of them. Mow Lord - Seeing this life and all its enjoyments are so vain and short. My hope - I will seek for happiness no where but in God. Remove - Take off the judgment which thou hast inflicted upon me. I am - Help me before I am utterly lost. Beauty - His comeliness and all his excellencies or felicities. Moth - As a moth consumeth a garment, to which God compares himself and his judgments, secretly and insensibly consuming a people, Isa 51:8. A stranger - I am only in my journey or passage to my real home, which is in the other world. No more - Among the living, or in this world.
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