Psalms 88

Singers - There shall be great rejoicing and praising God, both with vocal and instrumental musick, for this glorious work of the conversion of the Gentiles. He describe's evangelical worship, by legal phrases and customs, as the prophets frequently do. In thee - In Zion or the church. These words may be here added as the burden of the song, which these singers are supposed to have sung, in the name of all the people of God. All our desires and delights are in thee, all the springs of mercy, grace, and glory, flow to us only in and thro' thee. Counted - l am given up by my friends for a lost man. Free - Well nigh discharged from the warfare of the present life, and entered as a member into the society of the dead. Whom - Thou seemest to neglect and bury in oblivion. Waves - With they judgments, breaking in furiously upon me like the waves of the sea. Wonders - In raising them to life. To praise thee - In this world? Forgetfulness - In the grave, where men are forgotten by their nearest relations. Prevent - Come to thee before the dawning of the day, or the rising of the sun. Water - As the waters of the sea encompass him who is in the midst of it.
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