Psalms 149

1Praise ye Jah! Sing ye to Jehovah a new song, His praise in an assembly of saints. 2Israel doth rejoice in his Maker, Sons of Zion do joy in their king. 3They praise His name in a dance, With timbrel and harp sing praise to Him. 4For Jehovah is pleased with His people, He beautifieth the humble with salvation. 5Exult do saints in honour, They sing aloud on their beds.

6The exaltation of God is in their throat, And a two-edged sword in their hand. 7To do vengeance among nations, Punishments among the peoples. 8To bind their kings with chains, And their honoured ones with fetters of iron, 9To do among them the judgment written, An honour it is for all his saints. Praise ye Jah!

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