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STEP is available on different platforms, thanks to the install4j multi-platform installer builder. Please choose the platform relevant to you.

STEP for Windows®

STEP for MacOS X®

Or, download both installers plus Bibles to distribute where there is no internet. Decompress them onto a USB stick or SD card. It is legal to give away copies but you may not sell them for profit.

Windows & Mac installers plus 450 Bibles & Commentaries (700Mb)

Windows & Mac installers plus 200 Bibles & Commentaries (550Mb)
Windows & Mac installers plus ESV, NIV and 20 more Bibles (200Mb)

These have all the same functions as the web version:

Arabic, Farsi, Mainland Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Russian, Romanian, etc...