Download STEPBible to your computer

Run STEPBible from your computer when disconnected from the internet. ESV, NIV and ancient language Bibles are included. It works in 50 languages and additional Bibles can be downloaded in 280 languages.

Current version for download is: 2_1_49

Click here for installation instructions.
Click here for instructions to add Bibles.

Previous versions of STEP installation files are available at our dev server

STEP is available on different platforms, thanks to the install4j multi-platform installer builder.

Download STEPBible to your mobile device

Run STEPBible on your Android or Apple iOS device. The English Standard Version (ESV) and Chinese Union Version (CUV) Bibles are included, along with the Hebrew and Greek lexicons.

Current versions for download are available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

The app is free; there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Tyndale Keyboard and Unicode Font Kits

These kits include intuitive and customisable keyboards for typing in Greek and Hebrew, allowing you to create text that can be used directly in publications and websites. The Greek font includes breathing, accents and ancient forms, while the Hebrew font includes vowel pointing and Masoretic punctuation. The packages also include the Cardo Unicode font by David Parry.

Click here for installation instructions.
Click here for usage guide.