Acts 11:19-30

The Church in Antioch

19 aNow those who were scattered because of the persecution that arose over Stephen traveled as far as Phoenicia and Cyprus and Antioch, speaking the word to no one except Jews. 20But there were some of them, men of Cyprus and Cyrene, who on coming to Antioch spoke to the Hellenists
Or Greeks (that is, Greek-speaking non-Jews)
also, cpreaching the Lord Jesus.
21And dthe hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number who believed eturned to the Lord. 22The report of this came to the ears of the church in Jerusalem, and they sent Barnabas to Antioch. 23When he came and saw fthe grace of God, he was glad, and he exhorted them all to remain faithful to the Lord gwith steadfast purpose, 24for he was a good man, hfull of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people iwere added to the Lord. 25So Barnabas went to jTarsus to look for Saul, 26and when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. For a whole year they met with the church and taught a great many people. And in Antioch the disciples were first called kChristians.

27Now in these days lprophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. 28And one of them named mAgabus stood up and foretold nby the Spirit that there would be a great ofamine over all the world (this took place in the days of pClaudius). 29So the disciples determined, every one according to his ability, qto send relief to rthe brothers
Or  brothers and sisters
living in Judea.
30 tAnd they did so, sending it to uthe elders by the hand of Barnabas and Saul.

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