1 Samuel 3


God Speaks to Samuel

1And the boy Samuel was officiating to the  lord before Eli the priest. And the word of the  lord was esteemed in those days, because there was no vision for giving orders. 2And it came to pass in that day that Eli slept in his own place, and his eyes began to be darkened, and he was not able to see. 3And the lamp of God was before its being extinguished, and Samuel slept in the temple of the  lord where the ark of God was. 4And the  lord called, Samuel Samuel. And he said, Behold, it is I. 5And he ran to Eli, and said, Behold, it is I, for you called me. And he said, I have not called you, return and sleep! And he returned and slept. 6And [2added 1the  lord] again to call Samuel. And he went to Eli the second time, and said, Behold, it is I, for you called me. And he said, I have not called you child, return and sleep! 7And it was before Samuel knew God, and before the revealing the word of the  lord to him. 8And the  lord added again to call Samuel a third time. And he rose up and went to Eli. And said, Behold, it is I, for you have called me. And Eli discerned that the  lord has called the boy. 9And Eli said to Samuel, Return and sleep child! And it will be if he should call you, that you shall say, Speak, O  lord, for [2hears 1your servant]! And Samuel went, and went to bed in his place. 10And the  lord came, and stood, and called him as once before, and once before that, Samuel, Samuel. And Samuel said, Speak, O  lord, for [2hears 1your servant]! 11And the  lord said to Samuel, Behold, I perform my words in Israel, so that every one hearing them, it shall sound in both of his ears. 12In that day I rouse up against Eli. All as many things as I spoke against his house I will begin and I will complete. 13And I have announced to him that I punish, I, his house, unto the eon for the iniquities of his sons, in which he knew that [2were speaking evil of 3God 1his sons], and he did not admonish them. 14And [2not 3thus 1have I] sworn by an oath to the house of Eli, Shall [5be atoned 1the 2iniquity 3of the house 4of Eli] by incense or by sacrifices into the eon, no. 15And Samuel went to bed until morning. And he rose up early in the morning, and he opened the doors of the house of the  lord. And Samuel feared to report the vision to Eli. 16And Eli said to Samuel, Samuel child. And he said, Behold, it is I. 17And he said, What was the word being spoken to you? Do not indeed hide them from me! Thus [2do 3to you 1God], and thus add to it if you should hide from me the word. 18And Samuel reported to him all the words, and did not hide them from him. And Eli said, The  lord himself [2the 3good thing 4before 5him 1will do]. 19And Samuel was magnified, and the  lord was with him. And there did not fall from all his words one upon the ground. 20And [3knew 1all 2Israel] from Dan and unto Beer-sheba that Samuel was trustworthy for prophet to the  lord. 21And the  lord added again to manifest in Shiloh, for the  lord was revealed to Samuel in Shiloh according to the word of the  lord.
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