1 Chronicles 6:4-15

4 a, bEleazar fathered cPhinehas, Phinehas fathered Abishua, 5Abishua fathered Bukki, Bukki fathered Uzzi, 6Uzzi fathered Zerahiah, Zerahiah fathered dMeraioth, 7Meraioth fathered Amariah, Amariah fathered Ahitub, 8 eAhitub fathered fZadok, Zadok fathered Ahimaaz, 9Ahimaaz fathered Azariah, Azariah fathered Johanan, 10and Johanan fathered Azariah ( git was he who served as priest hin the house that Solomon built in Jerusalem). 11 iAzariah fathered jAmariah, Amariah fathered Ahitub, 12Ahitub fathered Zadok, Zadok fathered kShallum, 13Shallum fathered lHilkiah, Hilkiah fathered Azariah, 14Azariah fathered mSeraiah, Seraiah fathered Jehozadak; 15and nJehozadak went into exile when the Lord sent Judah and Jerusalem into exile oby the hand of Nebuchadnezzar.

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