2 Kings 12:18

18Jehoash king of Judah a  took all the sacred gifts that Jehoshaphat and Jehoram and Ahaziah his fathers, the kings of Judah, had dedicated b  and his own sacred gifts, and all the gold that was found in the treasuries of the house of the  Lord and of the king’s house, and sent these to Hazael king of Syria. Then Hazael went away from Jerusalem.

2 Kings 16:8

8Ahaz also c  took the silver and gold that was found in the house of the  Lord and in the treasures of the king’s house and sent a present to the king of Assyria.

2 Kings 18:15-16

15And Hezekiah d  gave him all the silver that was found in the house of the  Lord and in the treasuries of the king’s house. 16At that time Hezekiah stripped the gold from the doors of the temple of the  Lord and from the doorposts that Hezekiah king of Judah had overlaid and gave it to the king of Assyria.

2 Kings 24:13

13and carried off all the treasures of the house of the  Lord e  and the treasures of the king’s house, f  and cut in pieces all the vessels of gold in the temple of the  Lord, g  which Solomon king of Israel had made, h  as the  Lord had foretold.

2 Kings 25:13-17

13 i  And the pillars j  of bronze that were in the house of the  Lord, and k  the stands and l  the bronze sea that were in the house of the  Lord, the Chaldeans broke in pieces and carried the bronze to Babylon. 14 m  And they took away the pots and the shovels and the snuffers and the dishes for incense and all the vessels of bronze used in the temple service, 15the fire pans also and the bowls. What was of gold the captain of the guard took away as gold, and what was of silver, as silver. 16As for the two pillars, the one sea, and the stands that Solomon had made for the house of the  Lord, n  the bronze of all these vessels was beyond weight. 17 o  The height of the one pillar was eighteen cubits
A  cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
and on it was a capital of bronze. The height of the capital was three cubits. A latticework and pomegranates, all of bronze, were all around the capital. And the second pillar had the same, with the latticework.

Jeremiah 50:28

28“A voice! They q  flee and escape from the land of Babylon r  to declare in Zion the vengeance of the  Lord our God, vengeance for s  his temple.

Jeremiah 51:11

11 t  Sharpen the arrows!
Take up the shields!

u  The  Lord has stirred up the spirit of the kings of v  the Medes, because w  his purpose concerning Babylon is to destroy it, x  for that is the vengeance of the  Lord, the vengeance for y  his temple.

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