Jeremiah 39:8-12

8 aThe Chaldeans burned the king’s house and the house of the people, band broke down the walls of Jerusalem. 9Then cNebuzaradan, the dcaptain of the guard, carried into exile to Babylon the rest of the people who were left in the city, ethose who had deserted to him, and the people who remained. 10Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard, fleft in the land of Judah some of the poor people who owned nothing, and gave them vineyards and fields at the same time.

The Lord Delivers Jeremiah

11Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon gave command concerning Jeremiah through Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard, saying, 12 gTake him, look after him well, and do him no harm, but deal with him as he tells you.”
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