Job 33:15-28

15In aa dream, in ba vision of cthe night,
when ddeep sleep falls on men,
while they slumber on their beds,
16then he eopens the ears of men
and terrifies them with warnings,
17that he may turn man aside from his fdeed
and conceal pride from a man;
18he keeps back his soul from the pit,
his life from gperishing by the sword.
19 “Man is also rebuked with pain on his bed
and with continual strife in his hbones,
20so that his ilife loathes bread,
and his appetite jthe choicest food.
21His flesh is so wasted away that it cannot be seen,
and his bones that were not seen kstick out.
22His soul draws near lthe pit,
and his life to mthose who bring death.
23If there be for him nan angel,
oa mediator, pone of the thousand,
to declare to man what is qright for him,
24and he is merciful to him, and says,
Deliver him from going down into the pit;
I have found ra ransom;
25let his flesh sbecome fresh with youth;
let him return to the days of his youthful vigor’;
26then man
Hebrew he
uprays to God, and he accepts him;
he vsees his face with a shout of joy,
and he wrestores to man his righteousness.
27He sings before men and says:
‘I xsinned and perverted what was right,
and it was not repaid to me.
28He has redeemed my ysoul from going down zinto the pit,
and my life shall aalook upon the light.’
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