Leviticus 10:6

6And Moses said to Aaron and to Eleazar and Ithamar his sons, a  “Do not let the hair of your heads hang loose, and do not tear your clothes, lest you die, and b  wrath come upon all the congregation; but let your brothers, the whole house of Israel, bewail the burning that the  Lord has kindled.

Numbers 1:53

53But the Levites shall camp around the tabernacle of the testimony, so that there may be no c  wrath on the congregation of the people of Israel. d  And the Levites shall keep guard over the tabernacle of the testimony.”

Numbers 8:19

19 e  And I have given the Levites as a gift to Aaron and his sons from among the people of Israel, to do the service for the people of Israel at the tent of meeting and f  to make atonement for the people of Israel g  that there may be no plague among the people of Israel when the people of Israel come near the sanctuary.”

Numbers 11:33

33 h  While the meat was yet between their teeth, before it was consumed, the anger of the  Lord was kindled against the people, and i  the  Lord struck down the people with a very great plague.

Numbers 18:5

5And you shall j  keep guard over the sanctuary and over the altar, k  that there may never again be wrath on the people of Israel.

1 Chronicles 27:24

24Joab the son of Zeruiah began to count, but l  did not finish. Yet m  wrath came upon Israel for this, and the number was not entered in the chronicles of King David.

Psalms 106:29

29they provoked the  Lord to anger with their deeds,
and a plague broke out among them.
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