Ezekiel 31

Pharaoh to Be Slain

1 aIn the eleventh year, in the third month, on the first day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me: 2 bSon of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to chis multitude:

dWhom are you like in your greatness?
3Behold, eAssyria was a fcedar in gLebanon,
with beautiful branches and hforest shade,
iand of towering height,
its top among the clouds.
Or  its top went through the thick boughs; also verses 10, 14

4The waters nourished it;
the deep made it grow tall,
making kits rivers flow
around the place of its planting,
sending forth its streams
to all the trees of the field.
5So lit towered high
above all the trees of the field;
its boughs grew large
and its branches long
from mabundant water in its shoots.
6 nAll the birds of the heavens
made their nests in its boughs;
under its branches all the beasts of the field
gave birth to their young,
and under its shadow
lived all great nations.
7It was obeautiful in its greatness,
in the length of its branches;
pfor its roots went down
to abundant waters.
8 qThe cedars rin the garden of God could not rival it,
nor the fir trees equal its boughs;
neither were the plane trees
like its branches;
no tree sin the garden of God
was its equal in beauty.
9I made it beautiful
in the mass of its branches,
and all the trees of tEden envied it,
that were in the garden of God.
10Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because uit
Syriac, Vulgate; Hebrew you
towered high and set its top among the clouds, and wits heart was proud of its height,
11I will give it into the hand of a mighty one of the nations. He shall surely deal with it as its wickedness deserves. I have cast it out. 12 xForeigners, ythe most ruthless of nations, have cut it down and left it. zOn the mountains and in all the valleys its branches have fallen, and its boughs have been broken in all aathe ravines of the land, and aball the peoples of the earth have gone away from its shadow and left it. 13 acOn its fallen trunk dwell all the birds of the heavens, and on its branches are all the beasts of the field. 14 adAll this is in order that no trees by the waters may grow to towering height or set their tops among the clouds, and that no trees that drink water may reach up to them in height. For they are all given over to death, aeto the world afbelow, among the children of man,
Or  of Adam
with those who go down to the pit.

15Thus says the Lord God: On the day ahthe cedar
Hebrew it
went down to Sheol I caused mourning; I closed the deep over it, and restrained its rivers, and many waters were stopped. I clothed Lebanon in gloom for it, and all the trees of the field fainted because of it.
16 ajI made the nations quake at the sound of its fall, akwhen I cast it down to Sheol with those who go down to the pit. alAnd all the trees of Eden, the choice and best of Lebanon, all that drink water, amwere comforted in the world below. 17They also went down to Sheol with it, anto those who are slain by the sword; yes, aothose who were its arm, apwho lived under its shadow among the nations.

18 aqWhom are you thus like in glory and in greatness aramong the trees of Eden? asYou shall be brought down with atthe trees of Eden to the world below. auYou shall lie among the uncircumcised, avwith those who are slain by the sword.

aw“This is Pharaoh and all his multitude, declares the Lord God.”

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