Ezekiel 48

1These are the names of the tribes: Beginning at the northern extreme, beside athe way of Hethlon bto Lebo-hamath, as far as cHazar-enan (which is on the northern border of dDamascus over against Hamath), and
Probable reading; Hebrew  and they shall be his
extending from the east side to the west,
Septuagint (compare verses 2–8); Hebrew  the east side the west
gDan, one portion.
2Adjoining the territory of Dan, from the east side to the west, hAsher, one portion. 3Adjoining the territory of Asher, from the east side to the west, iNaphtali, one portion. 4Adjoining the territory of Naphtali, from the east side to the west, Manasseh, one portion. 5Adjoining the territory of Manasseh, from the east side to the west, Ephraim, one portion. 6Adjoining the territory of Ephraim, from the east side to the west, Reuben, one portion. 7Adjoining the territory of Reuben, from the east side to the west, Judah, one portion.

8Adjoining the territory of Judah, from the east side to the west, shall be jthe portion which you shall set apart, 25,000 cubits
A  cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
in breadth, and in length equal to one of the tribal portions, from the east side to the west, with lthe sanctuary in the midst of it.
9The portion that you shall set apart for the Lord shall be 25,000 cubits in length, and 20,000
Compare 45:1; Hebrew ten
in breadth.
10 nThese shall be the allotments of the holy portion: the priests shall have an allotment measuring 25,000 cubits on the northern side, 10,000 cubits in breadth on the western side, 10,000 in breadth on the eastern side, and 25,000 in length on the southern side, with the sanctuary of the Lord in the midst of it. 11This shall be for othe consecrated priests, pthe sons of Zadok, who kept my charge, who did not go astray when the people of Israel went astray, qas the Levites did. 12And it shall belong to them as a special portion from the holy portion of the land, a most holy place, adjoining the territory of the Levites. 13 rAnd alongside the territory of the priests, the Levites shall have an allotment 25,000 cubits in length and 10,000 in breadth. The whole length shall be 25,000 cubits and the breadth 20,000.
Septuagint; Hebrew 10,000
14They tshall not sell or exchange any of it. They shall not alienate uthis choice portion of the land, for it is holy to the Lord.

15 v“The remainder, 5,000 cubits in breadth and 25,000 in length, shall be wfor common use for the city, for dwellings and for xopen country. In the midst of it shall be the city, 16and these shall be its measurements: ythe north side 4,500 cubits, the south side 4,500, the east side 4,500, and the west side 4,500. 17And the city shall have open land: on the north 250 cubits, on the south 250, on the east 250, and on the west 250. 18The remainder of the length alongside the holy portion shall be 10,000 cubits to the east, and 10,000 to the west, and it shall be alongside the holy portion. zIts produce shall be food for the workers of the city. 19And the workers of the city, from all the tribes of Israel, shall till it. 20The whole portion that aayou shall set apart shall be 25,000 cubits square, that is, the holy portion together with the property of the city.

21 ab“What remains on both sides of the holy portion and of the property of the city shall belong to the prince. Extending from the 25,000 cubits of the holy portion to the east border, and westward from the 25,000 cubits to the west border, parallel to the tribal portions, it shall belong to the prince. acThe holy portion with the sanctuary of the temple shall be in its midst. 22It shall be separate from the property of the Levites and the property of the city, which are in the midst of that which belongs to the prince. The portion of the prince shall lie between the territory of Judah and the territory of Benjamin.

23“As for the rest of the tribes: from the east side to the west, Benjamin, one portion. 24Adjoining the territory of Benjamin, from the east side to the west, Simeon, one portion. 25Adjoining the territory of Simeon, from the east side to the west, Issachar, one portion. 26Adjoining the territory of Issachar, from the east side to the west, Zebulun, one portion. 27Adjoining the territory of Zebulun, from the east side to the west, Gad, one portion. 28And adjoining the territory of Gad to the south, the boundary shall run adfrom Tamar to the waters of aeMeribah-kadesh, from there along the Brook of Egypt
Hebrew lacks  of Egypt
to agthe Great Sea.
That is,  the Mediterranean Sea
29This is the land that aiyou shall allot as an inheritance among the tribes of Israel, and these are their portions, declares the Lord God.

The Gates of the City

30These shall be ajthe exits of the city: On the north side, which is to be ak4,500 cubits by measure, 31 althree gates, the gate of amReuben, the gate of anJudah, and the gate of aoLevi, the gates of the city being named after the tribes of Israel. 32On the east side, which is to be 4,500 cubits, three gates, the gate of Joseph, the gate of Benjamin, and the gate of Dan. 33On the south side, which is to be 4,500 cubits by measure, three gates, the gate of Simeon, the gate of Issachar, and the gate of Zebulun. 34On the west side, which is to be 4,500 cubits, three gates,
One Hebrew manuscript, Syriac (compare Septuagint); most Hebrew manuscripts their gates three
the gate of Gad, the gate of Asher, and the gate of Naphtali.
35The circumference of the city shall be 18,000 cubits. And aqthe name of the city from that time on shall be, arThe Lord Is There.”

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