Job 30

1“But now they alaugh at me,
men who are byounger than I,
whose fathers I would have disdained
to set with the dogs of my flock.
2What could I gain from the strength of their hands,
cmen whose dvigor is gone?
3Through want and hard hunger
they egnaw fthe dry ground by night in gwaste and desolation;
4they pick saltwort and the leaves of bushes,
and the roots of the broom tree for their food.
Or warmth

5 iThey are driven out from human company;
they shout after them as after a thief.
6In the gullies of the torrents they must dwell,
in holes of the earth and of jthe rocks.
7Among the bushes they kbray;
under lthe nettles they huddle together.
8A senseless, a nameless brood,
they have been whipped out of the land.
9 “And now I have become their msong;
I am na byword to them.
10They oabhor me; they keep aloof from me;
they do not hesitate to pspit at the sight of me.
11Because God has loosed my cord and humbled me,
they have cast off restraint
Hebrew the bridle
in my presence.
12On my rright hand the rabble rise;
they push away my feet;
they scast up against me their ways of destruction.
13They break up my path;
they promote my tcalamity;
they need no one to help them.
14As through a wide ubreach they come;
amid the crash they roll on.
15 vTerrors are turned upon me;
my honor is pursued as by the wind,
and my prosperity has passed away like wa cloud.
16 “And now my soul is xpoured out within me;
days of affliction have taken hold of me.
17 yThe night zracks my bones,
and the pain that aagnaws me takes no rest.
18With great force my garment is abdisfigured;
it binds me about like the collar of my tunic.
Hebrew He
has cast me into the mire,
and I have become like addust and ashes.
20I cry to you for help and you do not answer me;
I stand, and you only look at me.
21You have aeturned cruel to me;
with the might of your hand you afpersecute me.
22 agYou lift me up on the wind; you make me ride on it,
and you toss me about in the roar of the storm.
23 ahFor I know that you will bring me to death
and to the house appointed for aiall living.
24 Yet does not one in a ajheap of ruins stretch out his hand,
and in his disaster cry for help?
The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain

25Did not I alweep for him whose day was hard?
Was not my soul grieved for the needy?
26But amwhen I hoped for good, evil came,
and when I waited for light, andarkness came.
27My inward parts are in turmoil and never still;
days of affliction aocome to meet me.
28I apgo about darkened, but not by the sun;
I stand up in aqthe assembly and cry for help.
29I am a brother of arjackals
and a companion of asostriches.
30My atskin turns black and falls from me,
and my aubones burn with heat.
31My avlyre is awturned to mourning,
and my axpipe to the voice of those who weep.
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