Ecclesiastes 4

1So I turned and considered all the oppressions that are wrought vnder the sunne, and beholde the teares of the oppressed, and none comforteth them: and lo, the strength is of the hand of them that oppresse them, and none comforteth them.

2Wherefore I praysed the dead which now are dead, aboue the liuing, which are yet aliue.

3And I count him better then them both, which hath not yet bin: for he hath not seene the euill workes which are wrought vnder the sunne.

4Also I beheld all trauaile, and all perfection of workes that this is ye enuie of a man against his neighbour: this also is vanitie and vexation of spirit.

5The foole foldeth his hands, and eateth vp his owne flesh.

6Better is an handfull with quietnesse, then two handfuls with labour and vexation of spirit.

7Againe I returned, and sawe vanitie vnder the sunne.

8There is one alone, and there is not a second, which hath neither sonne nor brother, yet is there none end of all his trauaile, neither can his eye be satisfied with riches: neither doeth he thinke, For whome doe I trauaile and defraude my soule of pleasure? this also is vanitie, and this is an euill trauaile.

9Two are better then one: for they haue better wages for their labour.

10For if they fal, the one wil lift vp his felow: but wo vnto him that is alone: for he falleth, and there is not a second to lift him vp.

11Also if two sleepe together, then shall they haue heate: but to one how should there be heate?

12And if one ouercome him, two shall stand against him: and a threefolde coard is not easily broken.

13Better is a poore and wise childe, then an olde and foolish King, which will no more be admonished.

14For out of the prison he commeth forth to reigne: when as he that is borne in his kingdome, is made poore.

15I behelde all the liuing, which walke vnder the sunne, with the second childe, which shall stand vp in his place.

16There is none ende of all the people, nor of all that were before them, and they that come after, shall not reioyce in him: surely this is also vanitie and vexation of spirit.

Take heede to thy foote when thou entrest into the House of God, and be more neere to heare then to giue the sacrifice of fooles: for they knowe not that they doe euil.

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