Job 39

1Wilt thou hunt the pray for the lyon? or fill the appetite of the lyons whelpes,

2When they couch in their places, and remaine in the couert to lye in waite?

3Who prepareth for the rauen his meate, when his birdes crie vnto God, wandering for lacke of meate?

4Knowest thou the time when the wilde goates bring foorth yong? or doest thou marke when the hindes doe calue?

5Canst thou nomber the moneths that they fulfill? or knowest thou the time when they bring foorth?

6They bow them selues: they bruise their yong and cast out their sorowes.

7Yet their yong waxe fatte, and growe vp with corne: they goe foorth and returne not vnto them.

8Who hath set the wilde asse at libertie? or who hath loosed the bondes of the wilde asse?

9It is I which haue made the wildernesse his house, and the salt places his dwellings.

10He derideth the multitude of the citie: he heareth not the crie of the driuer.

11He seeketh out the mountaine for his pasture, and searcheth after euery greene thing.

12Will the vnicorne serue thee? or will he tary by thy cribbe?

13Canst thou binde the vnicorne with his band to labour in the furrowe? or will he plowe the valleyes after thee?

14Wilt thou trust in him, because his strength is great, and cast off thy labour vnto him?

15Wilt thou beleeue him, that he will bring home thy seede, and gather it vnto thy barne?

16Hast thou giuen the pleasant wings vnto the peacockes? or winges and feathers vnto the ostriche?

17Which leaueth his egges in the earth, and maketh them hote in the dust,

18And forgetteth that the foote might scatter the, or that the wild beast might breake the.

19He sheweth himselfe cruell vnto his yong ones, as they were not his, and is without feare, as if he trauailed in vaine.

20For God had depriued him of wisedom, and hath giuen him no part of vnderstanding.

21When time is, he mounteth on hie: he mocketh the horse and his rider.

22Hast thou giuen the horse strength? or couered his necke with neying?

23Hast thou made him afraid as the grashopper? his strong neying is fearefull.

24He diggeth in the valley, and reioyceth in his strength: he goeth foorth to meete the harnest man.

25He mocketh at feare, and is not afraid, and turneth not backe from the sworde,

26Though the quiuer rattle against him, the glittering speare and the shield.

27He swalloweth the ground for fearcenes and rage, and he beleeueth not that it is the noise of the trumpet.

28He sayth among the trumpets, Ha, ha: hee smellleth the battell afarre off, and the noyse of the captaines, and the shouting.

29Shall the hauke flie by thy wisedome, stretching out his wings toward the South?

30Doeth the eagle mount vp at thy commandement, or make his nest on hie?

Shee abideth and remaineth in the rocke, euen vpon the toppe of the rocke, and the tower.

From thence she spieth for meate, and her eyes beholde afarre off.

His young ones also sucke vp blood: and where the slaine are, there is she.

Moreouer ye Lord spake vnto Iob, and said,

Is this to learne to striue with the Almightie? he that reprooueth God, let him answere to it.

Then Iob answered the Lord, saying,

Beholde, I am vile: what shall I answere thee? I will lay mine hand vpon my mouth.

Once haue I spoken, but I will answere no more, yea twise, but I will proceede no further.

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