Job 6

1Bvt Iob answered, and said,

2Oh that my griefe were well weighed, and my miseries were layed together in the balance.

3For it woulde be nowe heauier then the sande of the sea: therefore my wordes are swallowed vp.

4For the arrowes of the Almightie are in me, the venime whereof doeth drinke vp my spirit, and the terrours of God fight against me.

5Doeth the wilde asse bray when he hath grasse? or loweth the oxe when he hath fodder?

6That which is vnsauerie, shall it be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the white of an egge?

7Such things as my soule refused to touch, as were sorowes, are my meate.

8Oh that I might haue my desire, and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!

9That is, that God would destroy me: that he would let his hand go, and cut me off.

10Then should I yet haue comfort, (though I burne with sorowe, let him not spare) because I haue not denyed the wordes of the Holy one.

11What power haue I that I should endure? or what is mine end, if I should prolong my life?

12Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my flesh of brasse?

13Is it not so, that there is in me no helpe? and that strength is taken from me?

14He that is in miserie, ought to be comforted of his neighbour: but men haue forsaken the feare of the Almightie.

15My brethre haue deceiued me as a brook, and as the rising of the riuers they passe away.

16Which are blackish with yee, and wherein the snowe is hid.

17But in time they are dryed vp with heate and are consumed: and when it is hote they faile out of their places,

18Or they depart from their way and course, yea, they vanish and perish.

19They that go to Tema, considered them, and they that goe to Sheba, waited for them.

20But they were confounded: when they hoped, they came thither and were ashamed.

21Surely nowe are ye like vnto it: ye haue seene my fearefull plague, and are afraide.

22Was it because I said, Bring vnto me? or giue a rewarde to me of your substance?

23And deliuer me from the enemies hande, or ransome me out of the hand of tyrants?

24Teach me, and I wil hold my tongue: and cause me to vnderstande, wherein I haue erred.

25Howe stedfast are the wordes of righteousnes? and what can any of you iustly reproue?

26Doe ye imagine to reproue wordes, that the talke of the afflicted should be as the winde?

27Ye make your wrath to fall vpon the fatherlesse, and dig a pit for your friende.

28Nowe therefore be content to looke vpon me: for I will not lie before your face.

29Turne, I pray you, let there be none iniquitie: returne, I say, and ye shall see yet my righteousnesse in that behalfe. Is there iniquitie in my tongue? doeth not my mouth feele sorowes?

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