Job 7

1Is there not an appointed time to man vpon earth? and are not his dayes as the dayes of an hyreling?

2As a seruant longeth for the shadowe, and as an hyreling looketh for the ende of his worke,

3So haue I had as an inheritance the moneths of vanitie, and painefull nights haue bene appointed vnto me.

4If I layed me downe, I sayde, When shall I arise? and measuring the euening I am euen full with tossing to and from vnto the dawning of the day.

5My flesh is clothed with wormes and filthinesse of the dust: my skinne is rent, and become horrible.

6My dayes are swifter then a weauers shittle, and they are spent without hope.

7Remember that my life is but a wind, and that mine eye shall not returne to see pleasure.

8The eye that hath seene me, shall see me no more: thine eyes are vpon me, and I shall be no longer.

9As the cloude vanisheth and goeth away, so he that goeth downe to the graue, shall come vp no more.

10He shall returne no more to his house, neither shall his place knowe him any more.

11Therefore I will not spare my mouth, but will speake in the trouble of my spirite, and muse in the bitternesse of my minde.

12Am I a sea or a whalefish, that thou keepest me in warde?

13When I say, My couch shall relieue me, and my bed shall bring comfort in my meditation,

14Then fearest thou me with dreames, and astonishest me with visions.

15Therefore my soule chuseth rather to be strangled and to die, then to be in my bones.

16I abhorre it, I shall not liue alway: spare me then, for my dayes are but vanitie.

17What is man, that thou doest magnifie him, and that thou settest thine heart vpon him?

18And doest visite him euery morning, and tryest him euery moment?

19Howe long will it be yer thou depart from me? thou wilt not let me alone whiles I may swallowe my spettle.

20I haue sinned, what shall I do vnto thee? O thou preseruer of me, why hast thou set me as a marke against thee, so that I am a burden vnto my selfe?

21And why doest thou not pardon my trespasse? and take away mine iniquitie? for nowe shall I sleepe in the dust, and if thou seekest me in the morning, I shall not be found.

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